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Common Ground Arkansas is a nonpartisan organization committed to helping empower everyday Arkansans to advocate for themselves, hold leaders accountable, and work toward common-sense solutions.

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SB 43: Drag show bill explainer

What you need to know about the ‘Drag’ bill   SB 43 is a drag show bill that attempts to limit where drag performances can be held. As written now the bill, would ban drag shows in public spaces or anywhere that someone under age 18 could view them.    It...

Jan. 18 Legislature recap

What happened in the Legislature today? TLDR Passed House: Fire Department bomb squads can carry concealed weapons and make arrests. Passed House: Disabled veterans license plates no longer automatically grant handicapped parking Nothing major happened in the Senate....

Bills we’re watching

Bills we're watching: The GoodThe first week of the 94th General Assembly is in the books, and bill filing has begun in earnest. With a new executive coming online and a bevy of new legislators in the Capitol, we can expect major legislation to be a bit slow in...

What to expect this first week of the Legislative Session

So it begins. The 94th General Assembly begins today (Monday). Here’s what you should expect this week. Like to listen instead of read? Here you go.   Today (Monday, Jan. 9) Not much happens the first day of session, at least from a public perspective. Bills are filed...

Midterms 2022: Factors in performance

Midterm 2022: Party, Gender, and Geography in candidate performanceIn our last post, we compared the Midterm election performance of our Constitutional officers (governor, secretary of state, attorney general, etc.). Today we will look at what potentially accounts for...

Midterm Results: Constitutional Offices

Midterms: Constitutional OfficesComparing state constitutional office resultsWe're looking at Constitutional Offices in this post. That's our: Governor Lt. Governor Attorney General Auditor Treasurer Land Commissioner Secretary of State The most popular elected...

Sevier County Hospital: Outtakes from Peer Review

Let’s talk about the Sevier County Hospital.  First, where is Sevier County? It's in the southwest corner of the state, and the hospital will be in De Queen. Second, why are we talking about the Sevier County hospital? It was the source of a fair amount of contention...

Dwindling Covid money: Outtakes from Peer Review

What happened in the Arkansas legislature on Tuesday, Dec. 13?   The main issue was around spending remaining federal Covid funding and the process for deciding who gets the money. Here's the deal. There's just $293 million left in that pot of money (the American...

Election analysis: 5 types of races

Midterms: Very different race types[dssb_sharing_button button_text="Share" _builder_version="4.19.1" _module_preset="default"...


Alert: Your Right to vote is at riskParty officials trying to disenfranchise 93% of youThe Arkansas state Republican Party is voting on Dec. 3 to potentially remove the right to vote for 93% of Arkansans in the May Primary election. What's at stake? A

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People over politics

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“People Over Politics” isn’t just a catchy phrase we use. It means everything to us. It permeates everything we do.

Common Ground is made up of Republicans and Democrats and Independents. It’s made up of doctors and farmers and truck drivers and full-time moms.

We all live in this fiercely independent state full of self-reliant people with good sense and a giving spirit. Our state is uncommonly beautiful, but it’s our people that make it truly great. Arkansas’ state motto is “The People Rule.” That’s how it should be.

But we too often cede our rule to politicians who may not have our best interests at heart. We do this by not voting, by not paying attention, by succumbing to a false belief that we don’t matter.

We’re here to help the People hold on to their power, to help champion common sense government, and to give a voice to folks who feel today’s politics have left them behind.

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