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Common Ground Arkansas supports leaders who put good ideas and the good of Arkansans ahead of partisanship.


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A divisive two-party system is holding Arkansas back.
Here’s how Common Ground Arkansas can help.

Support problem solving candidates loyal to Arkansans

Work toward Arkansas-first legislation that addresses the problems we face

Protect Arkansas voter power and increase voter choice at the ballot box

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Arkansas is an Open Primary state – meaning you can vote in whichever party primary you want. It’s your vote. Make the maximum impact.


The Latest

Dear Arkansas

Hey neighbors, Arkansas, we can do better. Our state does not need D.C. style politics. We don’t need our politicians sowing division and manufacturing bogeymen to stoke fears. We don’t need politicians who manipulate those fears while asking hardworking Arkansans for...

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Problem Solvers Expanded

Our Shared Arkansas ValuesAt Common Ground Arkansas, we are focused on promoting values that we all hold dear here in Arkansas. To that end, we've evaluated several leaders on their commitment to core Common Ground Arkansas tenets. Fiscal responsibility and protection...

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Register to Vote

Register to VoteWhere to RegisterYour local county clerk Local library DMV or revenue office Print an application and mail itWhen to RegisterBefore April 25 to vote in the May primary election. If you're close to that deadline, the county clerk's office is the best...

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