Common Ground Arkansas supports leaders who put good ideas and the good of Arkansans ahead of partisanship.


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A divisive two-party system is holding Arkansas back.
Here’s how Common Ground Arkansas can help.

Support problem solving candidates loyal to Arkansans

Work toward Arkansas-first legislation that addresses the problems we face

Protect Arkansas voter power and increase voter choice at the ballot box

The Latest

The Alaskan Solution

It may not seem like it on a 95-degree day in Arkansas, but we've got a lot in common with Alaska. Our people are resilient, gritty, independent-minded. That's why the new laws brought and passed by the people of Alaska on how they'll elect their leaders is so...

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The Who’s Running for What Podcast Episode

Full Transcript Misty: Hey, everybody. Welcome to Common Ground Arkansas’ podcast. I am Misty Orpin, executive director of Common Ground Arkansas. Jim: And I’m Jim Hendren. It’s good to be back and do another podcast. Misty: And so today we thought we’d talk about...

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Meet Our Board

Download Press Release Common Ground Arkansas is pleased to announce the membership of its board of directors. The 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization was founded by Sen. Hendren in February to provide a balance in Arkansas politics and support problem solving leadership...

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Dissecting the 2021 Legislative Session

Sen. Jim Hendren and Misty Orpin from Common Ground Arkansas recap the 2021 Arkansas Legislative Session with a focus on some of the overarching themes. Sen. Hendren gives a behind the scenes look at why the session unfolded the way it did, while Misty talks about how...

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Americans on partisanship: Stay away from the edge

The Problem The proliferation of partisanship is leaving Americans dissatisfied with the current state of our politics. Partisan politics and our primary system drives our elected politicians further and further to the edges to appease the party hard-liners and fill...

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Partisanship: A False Binary Choice

The Problem Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be talking about partisanship. We want to start by stating clearly that Common Ground Arkansas isn’t anti-party. We recognize that political parties play an important role and work in many ways to strengthen our...

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Who Represents You? (And do they?)

Your state legislators make decisions that impact your life every single day - from your taxes to your health to your local school. Do you know who your legislators are? The first step in accountability is knowing who to hold accountable. You can quickly find your...

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