Sen. Jim Hendren spoke with David Jolly on the American Resolution podcast on March 3. Jolly is a former U.S. Congressman from Florida who left the Republican Party in 2018 and is now executive chairman of the Serve America Movement.  

Sen. Hendren on Common Ground Arkansas:

“It’s a solution about people who have a desire to put Arkansas first, to find things that really matter instead of focusing on the hot button issues that ignite the extremes and protect you from primaries. As an example, we’re about halfway through our legislative session in Arkansas, and we have spent a significant, if not a majority, period of our time arguing about abortion and guns. And all of us have different positions on that. But the fact is, what matters back home today is, do my kids have good schools to go do? Do I have healthcare available for my family? Do I have access to good jobs and decent roads? Can I afford to pay my taxes?

There are so many more things that get put on the back burner because, right now, our politics is about protection from a primary challenge. In Arkansas, it’s primarily from the right, and there is nothing to counter that. It’s out of step. Arkansas has a history of electing pragmatic governors. And we have a history of being Independent. We have voted for a Democratic Party president and a Republican governor on the same ballot. But what we’ve found in the legislature is it’s become more and more nationalized. It’s become more and more like D.C. politics.”

David Jolly on working and persevering in challenging times:

“I’m just not willing to give up. If we give up, they win. That’s an admission I’m too young to embrace right now.”

Sen. Hendren:

“Like you, I’m not ready to give up. I think there are a huge number of people who are with us. And they depend on us not to give up.”

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