House of Representatives

September 30, 2022


Shepherd [00:13:33] I invite the members, staff, press and guests in the galleries to stand and be led in prayer by Representative Bruce Cozart and remain standing for the Pledge of Allegiance to be led by Representative Lane Jean. 


Cozart [00:13:47] Good morning. Would you please bow with me? Dear Heavenly Father, we come to you today, Lord, just to thank you for the blessings that you give us each and every day. Lord, we thank you for this group that’s gathered here today. Lord, we ask that you will just bless us, and guide us and lead us in the path that we should go, Lord. As we make decisions that affect each and every one of the people of Arkansas. We ask that you will touch our families, Lord. Bless them, keep them safe and just watch over us, Lord. And let us do the business of the people and do it in a friendly manner. In Jesus name, amen. 


Unidentified [00:14:24] [Pledge of Allegiance]


Shepherd [00:14:39] Members, please indicate your presence by pushing the yellow present button. Prepare the machine, Mr Clerk. Cast up the ballot, Mr Clerk. With 99 members present, the chair sees a quorum. Are there any requests for leave? Representative Cavenaugh, for what purpose? 


Cavenaugh [00:15:07] Leave. 


Shepherd [00:15:08] You’re recognized. 


Cavenaugh [00:15:09] Leave for Representative Barker. 


Shepherd [00:15:11] Is leave granted for Representative Barker? So noted. Representative Frederick Love moves we dispense with the reading of the previous day’s journal. Without objection, so ordered. Are there reports from select committees? Are there reports from standing committees? Is there any unfinished business? Are there any executive communications? Mr Clerk, please read House Resolution 1051. 


Clerk [00:15:46] House Resolution 1051 by Representative Godfrey to recognize the Springdale High School Bulldogs boys soccer team as the Class 6A back to back state champions. 


Godfrey [00:15:57] Thank you, Mr Speaker. With your permission, I’d love to invite the rest of the Springdale delegation to join me at the well. Colleagues, I am so honored and thrilled to get to welcome the back to back 6A boys soccer state champions, the Springdale High School Bulldogs. Help me welcome them to the Capitol today. I am a proud alumna of both Springdale High School and the Bulldogs soccer team myself, so this is extra special for me to get to honor and congratulate them today. And we’ve got the team here as well as the coach. We’ve got head coach Donald Beeler and assistant coach Jake Rankin, as well as some other students and community members and teachers. We are so proud of you and so excited to celebrate with you today. Mr. Speaker, please ask the clerk to read the resolution in its entirety. 


Shepherd [00:17:07] Mr. Clerk, please read the resolution. 


Clerk [00:17:09] Whereas the 2020-2021 Springdale High School Boys Soccer Team captured the program’s eighth conference championship before heading into the state tournament as the number one seed from the 6A West Conference. And whereas the state soccer tournament was hosted at the historic Gerald Williams Bulldogs Stadium, with the final played at the Benton Athletic complex. And whereas the Bulldogs defended their home field by defeating Bentonville West 1-0 in the quarterfinals. And whereas in the semifinals, the Bulldogs defeated Rogers Heritage High School in kicks from the mark to determine the winner after the game ended in a 1-1 tie after regulation, regulation, regulation play in two overtimes to earn their spot in another state championship. As the four of their Bulldogs players, Eric Guerreiro, Renee Recensés, Johnny Alcala and Mike Silas converted their four penalty kicks and the Bulldogs goalkeeper Eric, excuse me, say Cesar Rizzo stopped two penalty kicks. And whereas in the final, the Bulldogs faced off against 6A East Conference champions, the Conway High School Wampus Cats boys soccer team, which was picked by the sportswriters of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette as the favorite to win the title before the state tournament. And whereas the Bulldogs defeated the Wampus Cats by a final score of 4-1, with goals scored by Rene Racinas, Eric Guerrero, and Diego Flores. And whereas for his defensive efforts during the state tournament, Bulldogs player Jesus Orpeso was awarded the state tournament MVP honor. And whereas this is the Bulldogs soccer team’s fourth state championship and whereas the Bulldogs finished the tournament season ranked as the 25th in the nation. And whereas the 2020-2021 Bulldogs soccer team became the first team in school history to win back to back state titles. Now, therefore, be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the 93rd General Assembly of the State of Arkansas, that the House of Representatives and the 93rd General Assembly recognize the Springdale High School Bulldogs boys soccer team as the Class 6A back to back state champions. 


Godfrey [00:19:09] Bulldogs, we’re so excited to present this resolution as well later today on behalf of the House of Representatives. Congratulations. Felicidades, and I’d appreciate a good vote, colleagues. 


Shepherd [00:19:27] Rep. Godfrey has explained the bill– or resolution. Would anyone like to speak against the resolution? Would anyone like to speak for the resolution? Representative Godfrey’s closed for the resolution. The question before the House is the adoption of House resolution 1051. All in favor say aye. Any opposed. The resolution is adopted. The morning hour’s ended. Members, we’re going to pass over House Bill 1972. Mr Clerk, read the bills. 


Clerk [00:20:16] House Bill 1975 by Representative Hawks concerning the effect of minority population in school district elections and to declare an emergency. 


Shepherd [00:20:23] The chair rules House Bill 1975 is improperly introduced for not being in compliance with the list of unfinished business contained in the regular session extension resolution House Concurrent Resolution 1015. Read the bills, Mr Clerk. 


Clerk [00:20:36] House Bill 1976. 


Shepherd [00:20:38] Without objection read the bill a second time. 


Clerk [00:20:40] House Bill 1976. 


Shepherd [00:20:42] State Agencies. The House will stand in recess– Representative Love, for what purpose? 


Love [00:20:48] Point of personal privilege. 


Shepherd [00:20:50] Let’s hear your point. 


Love [00:21:06] Good morning, colleagues. I would like to also ask Representative Karilyn Brown to join me in the well. So before all the fireworks start, I want to actually give some special recognition to a special gentleman. If you would direct your attention to the VIP gallery, we have Mr. Barry Bray. He is also with his, accompanied with his lovely wife, Mrs. Penny Bray. And also you all, I know that you all know Mrs. Ann Laidlaw as well. And so they’re all involved in scouting and Mr. Barry Bray will be retiring after 56 years of dedicated service to Boy Scouts of America. Can we give him a hand? You know, I think this is– I think this was deserving of special recognition because, first of all, I’ve been knowing Mr Bray for years. And he’s been raising good young men and now women also to become citizens and model citizens for not only Arkansas, but all over the country. And so I will be going up to take photos, but just recognizing him for the 56 years of dedicated service that he has given not only our state but this country and all these young men and women. So I just thought, just for today, let’s recognize Barry Bray. And so now, therefore, pursuant to the motion of Representative Frederick Love and Karilyn Brown, the Arkansas House of Representative, Representatives directs this citation to be presented on this 30th day of September 2021. Representative Frederick Love, Representative Karilyn Brown, the speaker of the House, Matthew Shepherd. Mr. Bray, thank you for your dedicated work and you are well deserving of this. 


Shepherd [00:24:14] Members, the House will stand in recess until 10:30. 


[00:40:15] [Recess] 


Shepherd [00:44:15] The House will come to order. Rep. Meeks, for what purpose? 


Meeks [00:44:24] Motion, please. 


Shepherd [00:44:25] Let’s hear your motion. 


Meeks [00:44:26] After the announcements, reading of the bills, transferring of the bills, placing the calendars on the desk, members amending their own bills with their own amendments, members withdrawing their own bills, finalizing resolutions, reading communications and any remaining committee reports, I move, we adjourn until 10:00 tomorrow morning. 


Shepherd [00:44:39] That’s a proper motion. It’s not debatable. All in favor say aye. Any opposed? The motion carries. Any announcements? Representative Wing, for what purpose? Let’s, let’s hear your announcement. 


Wing [00:44:55] I think that we should all recognize the wonderful birthday of our fabulous colleague, Representative Jack Fortner. 


Shepherd [00:45:18] Representative Lowery, for what purpose? 


Lowery [00:45:21] Announcement. 


Shepherd [00:45:22] Let’s hear your announcement. 


Lowery [00:45:23] Members of Insurance and Commerce Committee will meet as soon as we leave the chamber here for a quick presentation on a resolution by Representative Haak. We will be in room 149, not in Big Mac, Room 149 downstairs. 


Shepherd [00:45:46] Any other announcements? Representative Tosh, you’re recognized. 


Tosh [00:45:50] Announcement. 


Shepherd [00:45:51] Let’s hear your announcement. 


Tosh [00:45:52] State agencies will meet 15 minutes after adjournment in Room 151. That’s State Agencies Room 151, 15 minutes after we adjourn. 


Shepherd [00:46:03] Any other announcements? Members, just a reminder, continue to monitor your email, listen to announcements, watch your email and the legislative website. Appreciate your flexibility as we try and be as efficient as possible. No other announcements, the desk will remain open as needed for the reading of the bills and upon completion of the items named in the adjourn resolution, the House will be adjourned until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. Oh, I hadn’t– I haven’t hit the gavel yet. Representative Lowery, for what purpose? 


Lowery [00:46:40] I believe an announcement or clarification, we are, we’re OK. OK. We’d been told live streaming was not available in 149, but it is. So members, if, if you can show up as soon as possible, then we can get in and out and you can go to do other business. But Room 149 as soon as we leave here. Thank you. 


Shepherd [00:47:02] Now the House is adjourned.