House of Representatives

October 4, 2021


Shepherd [00:16:45] And invite the members, staff, press and guests in the galleries to stand and be led in prayer by me and to remain standing for the Pledge of Allegiance to be led by Representative Lane Jean. Join me in prayer. Dear Lord, we thank you for this day that you’ve given us. I thank you, Lord, for giving us safe travel here to Little Rock. We pray, Lord, for all of our families and friends back home. We ask, Lord, that you would watch over them. Lord, I thank you for all the many blessings that you’ve given us. I thank you for this state. I thank you for its people. I pray, Lord, that as we go about the business of the state, Lord, that our focus would be on you and that you would give us discernment and wisdom. Lord, I thank you for each member, for each of their families. Thank you, Lord, for their commitment to service. I pray, Lord, that you would be with us during our time here in Little Rock. Please forgive us of our many sins. In Jesus name I pray, amen. 


[00:17:52] [Pledge of Allegiance]


Shepherd [00:18:00] Members, please indicate your presence by pushing the yellow present button. Prepare the machine, Mr Clerk. Cast up the ballot, Mr Clerk. With 95 members present, the chairs sees a quorum. Are there any requests for leave? Rep. McNair, for what purpose? 


McNair [00:18:55] Leave for Representative Cozart. 


Shepherd [00:18:57] Is leave granted for Rep. Cozart? So noted. Representative Cavenaugh, for what purpose? 


Cavenaugh [00:19:03] Leave. 


Shepherd [00:19:03] You’re recognized. 


Cavenaugh [00:19:05] Leave for Representative Barker. 


Shepherd [00:19:06] Is leave granted for Represent Barker? So noted. Rep. Gazaway, for what purpose? 


Gazaway [00:19:10] Leave. 


Shepherd [00:19:11] You’re recognized. 


Gazaway [00:19:12] Leave for Representative Mayberry. 


Shepherd [00:19:14] Is leave granted for Rep. Mayberry? So noted. Rep. McCullough, for what purpose? 


McCullough [00:19:18] Leave. 


Shepherd [00:19:19] You’re recognized.0. 


McCullough [00:19:20] Leave for Representative Denise Garner. 


Shepherd [00:19:22] Is leave granted for Representative Garner? So noted. Rep. Breaux, for what purpose? 


Breaux [00:19:28] Leave– 


Shepherd [00:19:29] You’re recognized. 


Breaux [00:19:30] –for Rep. Karilyn Brown? 


Shepherd [00:19:30] Is leave granted for Rep. Brown? So noted. Rep. Frederick Love moves we dispense with the reading of the previous day’s journal. Without objection, so ordered. Are there reports from select committees? Are there reports from standing committees? Is there any unfinished business? Are there any executive communications? Morning hour is ended. Members, trying to work through a few scheduling issues. If you’ll bear with us, the House is still in recess for 10 minutes. 


[00:28:07] [Recess] 


Shepherd [00:28:07] The House will come to order. Members, we’re going to pass over House Bill 1972. Rep. Meeks, for what purpose? 


Meeks [00:39:46] Motion, please. 


Shepherd [00:39:47] Let’s hear your motion. 


Meeks [00:39:48] After the announcements, reading of the bills, transferring of the bills, placing the calendars on the desk, members amending their own bills with their own amendments, members withdrawing their own bills, finalizing resolutions, reading communications and any remaining committee reports, I move that we adjourn until 11:00 tomorrow morning. 


Shepherd [00:40:01] That’s a proper motion. It’s not debatable. All in favor say aye. Any opposed. The motion is adopted. Members, again, thank you for your flexibility during this session. Listen to announcements, pay attention to your emails and watch the calendar. Hopefully, we can move towards wrapping this up. Rep. Ladyman, for what purpose? Let’s– you’re recognized for an announcement. 


Ladyman [00:40:30] Public Health Committee will meet at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning in room 130. 


Shepherd [00:40:34] Rep. Fortner, for what purpose? 


Fortner [00:40:36] Announcement. 


Shepherd [00:40:37] You’re recognized. 


Fortner [00:40:39] Revenue and Tax will meet at 9:00 in Big Mac A. Light refreshments will be provided by Chairman Jett. 


Shepherd [00:40:52] Representative Tosh, for what purpose? 


Tosh [00:40:56] Announcement. 


Shepherd [00:40:56] You’re recognized. 


Tosh [00:40:57] State agencies will meet at 4:30. 4:30 this afternoon in Room 151. 


Shepherd [00:41:03] Representative Wing, for what purpose? 


Wing [00:41:05] Announcement. 


Shepherd [00:41:07] You’re recognized. 


Wing [00:41:07] You know, we have much to be sad for. And there’s so much stress in the world, it’s nice to have some good news and nothing happier than Milton Nicks with a birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday. 


Shepherd [00:41:25] Rep. Dalby, for what purpose? 


Dalby [00:41:27] Announcement. 


Shepherd [00:41:27] You’re recognized. 


Dalby [00:41:28] Judiciary will meet tomorrow 15 minutes upon adjournment in Room 149. 


Shepherd [00:41:33] All right, any other announcements? If no other announcements, the desk will remain open as needed for the reading of the bills and upon completion of the items named in the adjourn resolution, the House will be adjourned until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow.