House of Representatives

October 1, 2021


Shepherd [00:07:46] I invite the members, staff, press and guests in the galleries to stand and be led in prayer by Representative Harlan Breaux and remain standing for the Pledge of Allegiance to be led by Representative Lane Jean. 


Breaux [00:08:00] Please join me in prayer. Dear Lord Jesus, I’m just thankful to be here today. And I pray for your wisdom, father. Not only your wisdom, your guidance throughout these days and the days that we have ahead of us. May the decisions that we make today affect not only today but future generations. Father, thank you all for what I know that you’re going to do in the days ahead. In Jesus name I pray, amen. 


[00:08:43] [Pledge of Allegiance]


Shepherd [00:08:56] Members, please indicate your presence by pushing the yellow present button. Prepare the machine, Mr Clerk. Cast up the ballot, Mr Clerk. With 97 members present, the chair sees a quorum. Are there any requests for leave? Representative Cavenaugh, for what purpose? 


Cavenaugh [00:09:37] Leave. Leave for Rep. Barker.


Shepherd [00:09:41] Is leave granted for Rep. Barker? So noted. Representative? 


[00:09:49] Rep. Warren. 


Shepherd [00:09:50] Is leave granted for Rep. Warren? So noted. Rep. Payton, for what purpose? 


Payton [00:09:57] Leave for Representative Miller. 


Shepherd [00:09:59] Is leave granted for Rep. Miller? Rep. Frederick Love moves we dispense the reading of the previous day’s journal. Without objection so ordered. Are there reports from select committees? Are there reports from Standing Committees? Read the report, Mr. Clerk. 


Clerk [00:10:14] Mr. Speaker, we the Committee on Public Health, to whom was referred to House Bill 1977, beg Leave to report that we’ve had the same under consideration and herewith return the same with the recommendation of do pass as amended number one. Respectfully submitted, Jack Ladyman, Chair. 


Shepherd [00:10:33] Is there any unfinished business? Are there any executive communications? Mr Clerk, please read House resolution 1052. 


Clerk [00:10:52] House resolution 1052 by Representative Haak to support consumer privacy. 


Shepherd [00:10:59] Rep. Haak, you’re recognized to explain the resolution. 


Haak [00:11:05] Thank you, Mr Speaker. Colleagues, I bring before you today a resolution. Must– many of us have a, an urgency here about a recent proposal requiring financial institutions to significantly increase the amount of American taxpayer data reported to the international– the inner– the Internal Revenue Service. And the General Assembly does not believe this is necessary and may in fact have unintended consequences. I would just like to make five short points. This proposal may be included in a revised reconciliation package at the federal level, and it sweeps in almost every American with a tax– with a bank account. The privacy of personal financial information, the cost of implementation and the impact on American, average Americans is a general overreach of the government. The unprecedented generation of taxpayer information, most of which will be irrelevant to the calculation of taxpayer taxable income being transmitted and stored in an uncertain environment with significant cost to taxpayers and financial institutions. Therefore, I bring before you today Resolution 1052. Mr. Speaker, would you have the Clerk read the resolution? 


Shepherd [00:12:28] Mr Clerk, please read the resolution. 


Clerk [00:12:30] Whereas the General Assembly is alarmed about the recent proposal requiring financial institutions to significantly increase the amount of taxpayers data reported to the Internal Revenue Service. And whereas the General Assembly does not believe this is necessary and may in fact have unintended consequences. And whereas specifically this proposal would require financial institutions and other financial services providers to report certain transaction level data, as well as information about the outflows and inflows on accounts over $600 to the Internal Revenue Service. And whereas this proposal will impose significant compliance costs on our banks that have served– that have served as the backbone of our economy these past 18 months. And whereas this proposal would not only impose significant compliance costs on our banks but also infringe on the privacy of millions of Americans. And whereas this proposal allows the Internal Revenue Service to monitor the financial dealings of every American consumer and business with a depository account without cause. And whereas additionally, this proposal creates new barriers for the unbanked and underbanked. And now therefore be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the 93rd General Assembly of the state of Arkansas that the House of Representatives supports consumer privacy. 


Shepherd [00:13:44] Rep. Haak has explained the resolution. Would anyone like to speak against the resolution? Would anyone like to speak for the resolution? Rep. Haak is closed for the resolution. The question before the House is the adoption of House resolution 1052. All in favor say aye. Any opposed. The resolution is adopted. Morning hour is ended. And we’re going to pass over House Bill 1972. Read the bills, Mr Clerk. 


Clerk [00:14:27] House Bill 1978. 


Shepherd [00:14:28] Without objection, read Bill a second time 


Clerk [00:14:30] House bill 1978. 


Shepherd [00:14:32] State agencies. Rep. Meeks, for what purpose? 


Meeks [00:14:52] Motion, please. 


Shepherd [00:14:53] Let’s hear your motion. 


Meeks [00:14:54] After the announcements, reading of the bills, transferring of the bills, placing the calendars on the desk, members amending their own bills with their own amendments, members withdrawing their own bills, finalizing resolutions, reading communications and any remaining committee reports, I move that we adjourn until 1:00 on Monday afternoon. 


Shepherd [00:15:12] It’s proper motion. It’s not debatable. All in favor say aye. Any opposed. The motion carries. Are there any announcements? Representative Ladyman, for what purpose? 


Ladyman [00:15:26] Announcement. 


Shepherd [00:15:26] You’re recognized. 


Ladyman [00:15:28] Public health committee will meet on Monday in Room 130 at the call of the Chair. 


Shepherd [00:15:35] Representative Tosh, for what purpose? 


Tosh [00:15:36] Announcement. 


Shepherd [00:15:39] Let’s hear your announcement. 


Tosh [00:15:40] State agencies will meet Monday at the call of the chair. 


Shepherd [00:15:43] Rep. Wing, for what purpose? 


Wing [00:15:46] Ladies and gentlemen, we have a couple of birthdays today. I’d like to recognize our House Minority Leader, Mrs. Tippy McCullough. Happy Birthday. This next birthday may frighten some. But he bench pressed 315 pounds today, Representative John Eubanks. And we can’t end the birthdays without an acknowledgement that tomorrow I hope everybody wishes our own Carol Dalby a happy birthday. Rep. Cozart? Happy birthday on Sunday. 


Shepherd [00:17:00] All right, members, appreciate your work here. Continue to monitor your emails and the schedule. Hopefully, if those committees need to meet on Monday, we’ll be able to provide plenty of advance notice as to a definite time. I appreciate you being flexible as we work through all this, and hopefully everybody will be happy to go home for a few days. Any other announcements? If no other announcements, the desk remains open as needed for the reading of the bills. And upon completion of the items named in the adjourn resolution, the House will be adjourned until 1:00 p.m. Monday.