Senate Insurance and Commerce

October 4, 2021


Pitsch [00:00:01] Since we have members that are going to be arriving shortly, I’m going to say the chair sees a quorum, is aware of a quorum. Senator Johnson, you have a Senate resolution for the body. Please identify yourself and introduce your resolution. 


B Johnson [00:00:20] Senator Blake Johnson This resolution is to support consumer privacy, and it is especially in the banking industry. The– in the reconciliation act that has been proposed, it is getting into our banking privacy. And if you’ve had $600 worth of movement in your account, it gives information that all of us consider private information to the, to the IRS. And do not believe this should be, this action should be done through the reconciliation process. Any questions. Lorie Tudor with the Banking Association’s with me also. 


Pitsch [00:01:10] Are there any questions by the committee? 


B Johnson [00:01:12] Lorrie Trogden, sorry.


Pitsch [00:01:17] Seeing no questions by the committee, is there anyone in the audience who would like to speak for or against the resolution? Seeing none, sponsor, do you have anything to say to close for your bill? 


B Johnson [00:01:38] Appreciate a good vote. 


Pitsch [00:01:40] What are the wishes of the committee? Senator Irvin. 


Irvin [00:01:44] I would just– the only thing I would say is that I wish you would accept a verbal amendment to add me as a co-sponsor. But I don’t want to slow you down. So with that, I’ll make a motion do pass. 


Pitsch [00:02:02] We have a motion do pass. Second, Senator Hammer. Senator Irvin on the motion. All– all those in favor, please say aye. Same sign opposed. You have your resolution passed, Sen. Johnson. 


B Johnson [00:02:16] Thank you, members. 


Pitsch [00:02:18] We’ll see you on the Senate floor shortly. All right. Thank you. And with that, Insurance and Commerce is closed.