Senate State Agencies

October 4, 2021


Rapert [00:00:00] I did gavel in. Members, I actually just talked with Senator English. She’s still talking with Senate President, President Hickey. And I don’t know– I’m going to hit that just in case they somehow did not hear it, but we’re officially in for just a moment. Senator English is working on a bill that’s collaborating with the House. They’ve just got an amendment that’s come in on that bill. So what we’re going to do, according to the Senate– according to the Senate president– I visited with Senator Hickey, and we’re not in a position to be able to move forward on it right now. So we will be at the call of the chair for tomorrow. And if we can come in early during some of this other discussion that’s related to that and get a map out, we need to do it. We’re reaching the point where we’ve got to get a map. It’s got to be out. And so I’m going to go over with Senator English right now and begin to look at some of these adjustments. And I hope that tomorrow morning at the latest that we can say that there’s at least some consensus. It’s not going to make everybody happy. But that’s the decision of the chair right now based on Senate president’s direction. If anybody has a question or concern, I’d be happy to entertain that. 


Garner [00:01:13] Senator, so you’re, you’re anticipating that we’ll meet before the 11:00 o’clock session tomorrow or–


Rapert [00:01:19] At the call of the chair. And I’ll reach out to you as soon as possible. Because hey, if we, if we get to a point where we see that there is some general consensus, we can come in and take care of that very quickly. So we’ll just continue to work on it. With that, we’re adjourned.