House Judiciary

October 5, 2021


Dalby [00:00:00] Welcome back. For those of you who’ve never served on Judiciary, we don’t meet a lot in the interim. But today we do have to meet so that we can adopt some things. And any of our meetings will just be kind of at the call or when somebody lets us know that they’re ready to present their interim study at some point in time. But anyway, welcome back. It’s good to see you. For those of you who’ve never been on Judiciary, this is really our room. This is where we meet. Don’t get wedded to your chairs today because we just put names out. And so when we actually choose, you may choose a different one at that time. Next item on our agenda is consideration of a motion to authorize the chair to approve special expenses incurred by the House Committee on Judiciary. Do I have a motion? I see a motion. All in favor please say aye. Any opposed? Motion carries. Item D. We have several interim studies I have let the people who have interim studies know that we were not going to take formal presentations of those, but just be prepared if anybody had any questions. You see, we have seven that have been referred to our committee. Are there any questions of those who have interim studies before us that anybody would like to ask at this time? Any questions? Seeing no questions, the chair will entertain a motion to adopt these interim study proposals. We have a motion from Representative Cavenaugh. Is there any discussion on the motion? All in favor of the motion please say aye. Any opposed say no. Seeing none, motion carries. Rep. Flowers, you’re recognized. 


Flowers [00:01:39] Thank you, Madam Chair. So just for clarification, I know there are a couple of ways that an interim study can be filed and adopted. And for those– and so this is informative not only for those who are new, but also to clarify something for me. So I know that I had a bill that I’m interested in referring to study. Can you share with us how– what that process would be in terms of getting it on the agenda for next time? 


Dalby [00:02:14] During the interim? 


Flowers [00:02:15] Yes. 


Dalby [00:02:15] It is my understanding, and John, you may have to help me on that. It’s my understanding once we’re not in session any more, then those interim studies go to ALC, and then ALC assigns them to a committee. And so I believe that happened with Rep. Vaught’s interim study. She had it outside of the time we were in session, so she brought it to ALC and ALC assigned that to us. So that would be how it is. If we’re in session and you have a bill and you want it to go to interim study, then you let BLR know, staff know and it gets assigned that way. Does that answer your question, Rep. Flowers. 


Flowers [00:02:57] Thank you. 


Dalby [00:02:58] Are there any other questions? Be happy to try to entertain them. Saying no other questions, we have no other business. You might want to take, take a look at the interim studies that are online because at some point in time, someone who is working on the interim study may get in touch with me and we will have a called meeting at that time to hear their presentation. But with that, I have no other business before. With that, we are adjourned.