House State Agencies

October 6, 2021 p.m.


Tosh [00:00:00] Members, on today’s agenda, we have one item. This is a mirror bill from the bill that we passed out of here earlier today that you just passed off the House floor. This is Senate Bill 743. At the end of the table is Representative Speaks. And she’s– be recognized to present Senate Bill 743. 


Speaks [00:00:22] Thank you, Mr. Chair. It is exactly the same bill. My name is on the bill with, with Senator English, and she is on my bill. So it’s exactly the same bill and I ask for a good vote. 


Tosh [00:00:43] Any question from committee members? Seeing none, no one has signed up to speak for or against the bill. Rep. Speaks, you’re recognized to close. 


Speaks [00:00:56] I ask for a do pass.


Tosh [00:00:58] Representative Speaks is closed for the bill. She’s made a motion of a do pass. Any discussion on the motion? Seeing none, all in favor, say aye. All opposed, say no. The ayes have it. The bill is passed. 


Unknown Representative [00:01:14] Roll call. 


Tosh [00:01:14] I only see one hand. The bill is passed. Committee members, I don’t have a gavel, but the meeting is, is adjourned. Thank you.