House State Agencies

October 6, 2021 Part 1


Tosh [00:00:00] The chair sees a quorum. The meeting is called to order. Today’s business will be to take up the House Bill 1982 that was amended a while ago on the House floor. Representative Speaks, you’re recognized to go to the end of the table and present House Bill 1982 as, as amended. 


Speaks [00:00:33] Thank you, Mr. Chair. What has been done to this bill did not change anything about this map. So we talked about this map yesterday. Nothing has changed. So I’m going to ask you for a good vote to get this map out for this afternoon. So I’m asking for a good vote. 


Tosh [00:00:57] Representative Speaks, make sure– I just wanted to make sure that– that was pretty brief– make sure the committee understands that the second amendment that’s brought us back into this committee room, it was– nothing changed in the districts from what you presented yesterday. This is strictly introductory language that was left out by BLR. Is that correct? And so they just wanted to make it right and this language has been put back in, but nothing else has changed. 


Speaks [00:01:24] That is correct. It never changed this map. 


Tosh [00:01:27] Ok. I just wanted the committee to be, understand that and be sure of that. So do I have any questions from committee members? Representative Payton, you’re recognized for a question. 


Payton [00:01:36] Thank you, Mr. Chair. Representative Speaks, is this amended map identical to the one that failed on the Senate floor this morning? 


Speaks [00:01:46] It should be. 


Payton [00:01:47] Thank you. Thank you, Mr. Chair. 


Tosh [00:01:50] Ok. Rep. Meeks, you’re recognized. 


Meeks [00:01:53] This is more a question for the chair. I mean, we’ve got a copy of the map, but we actually don’t have a copy of the amended bill. Is that something we can get just to look at? I don’t want to delay things, but it wouldn’t hurt for us to look, be able to look over the exact language. Yeah. 


Tosh [00:02:07] OK, now make sure– and I know you understand this. We’re not adopting the amendment. That was done on the House floor a while ago. You’re simply saying you’d like to have, to be able to see the– 


Meeks [00:02:17] See the bill, yeah. 


Tosh [00:02:18] See the amendment, ok. 


Meeks [00:02:19] We don’t have actually have a copy of the bill. We just have– we’ve got the maps, which is, which is good, but we don’t have a copy of the bill itself. 


Tosh [00:02:25] OK, just a second. 


Meeks [00:02:26] We don’t have copies of the engrossed bill. Right, right, yeah, yeah, yeah. Just saying we don’t have a copy of the engrossed bill. 


Tosh [00:04:45] Okay, committee members, Representative Meeks has looked at it on the, where it was engrossed. It’s on the website. It’s already been engrossed into the bill. So you good with that, Representative Meeks? You should be able to review it. OK, any further questions from committee members? Representative, Representative Love, you’re recognized for a question. 


Love [00:05:04] OK. Mr. Chair, I wasn’t, I wasn’t here yesterday, and this bill has changed quite a bit since I wasn’t here. Can anyone tell me what cities now are in the 1st congressional, what cities are in the 4th, and what cities remain in the 2nd now that this map has now split Pulaski County in three different ways. 


Tosh [00:05:27] Representative Speaks, did you hear the question from Representative Love? 


Speaks [00:05:31] I did hear that, and I did not bring my notes for that. We’ll be talking about it on the House– on the floor in the Senate today. But I did not bring my notes with me because we were just dealing with that one amendment. 


Tosh [00:05:54] Representative Dotson. I think Rep. Dotson, Rep. Love, may be able to answer that question, am I correct? 


Dotson [00:06:01] Well, I probably could. I just have a question, a point of order, I guess. 


Tosh [00:06:05] Okay. 


Dotson [00:06:06] Are we debating the amendment or debating the bill? Are we adopting the amendment? 


Tosh [00:06:12] It’s already been engrossed and what we’re doing is, she’s re-presenting the bill because we had an amendment that was engrossed a while ago. And she presented that on the House floor. We’re back in here. So she’s re-presenting House Bill 1982, as it was amended a while ago on the floor. 


Dotson [00:06:28] Ok, so we are debating the actual bill. 


Tosh [00:06:30] Yes, yes, we are. That was a good point. 


Dotson [00:06:33] Let me look in here and– I believe this is the one– and the question is which cities are– 


Tosh [00:06:43] Representative Love, would you repeat that question? 


Love [00:06:46] Yes, which cities are going to, into 1? 


Dotson [00:06:51] Which ones are going into the 4th?


Love [00:06:55] No, which ones are going into 1? Because there’s a portion of Pulaski County now drawn into congressional district number 1. Which one is going– which ones are going into 4? 


Dotson [00:07:07] So, there’s some precincts that, that touch the south tip of Jacksonville that are going into 1. And there’s a precinct that touches a bit of North Little Rock that’s going into 1. And then going into 4, the communities of Sweet Home, Landmark, Wrightsville, Woodson and Hensley are going into 4. Everything else– and it, it takes the– it’s whatever portion of Little Rock is on the south east side of I-30. So as I30 kind of diagonally goes across, that section of Little Rock– 


Love [00:08:01] Is Mabelvale in the 4th Congressional District? 


Dotson [00:08:04] I’m sorry? 


Love [00:08:04] Is Mabelvale in the 4th Congressional District, meaning is my home in the 4th Congressional District? That’s what I want to know. 


Dotson [00:08:13] I’m not– I don’t know where that’s at on here. All I have is the city outlines. 


Love [00:08:19] Okay. 


Tosh [00:08:19] Representative Love, what we can do, we can get that question– and this bill will be presented here in a little while if it passes out of here on the House floor. And if you want to try to get with Representative Speaks and get that question answered before you vote on the bill, I would recommend that. Did you have any additional questions? 


Love [00:08:37] All right, thank you. 


Tosh [00:08:38] Thank you, representative. Any further questions from committee members? Seeing none, Representative Speaks, are you ready to close with your bill? 


Speaks [00:08:48] I am closed and I’d ask for a good vote. 


Tosh [00:08:51] So are you making a motion for a do pass? 


Speaks [00:08:53] A do pass. 


Tosh [00:08:54] So we have a motion from Representative Speaks for a do pass. Any discussion on the motion? Seeing none, all in favor, say aye. All opposed, say no. The ayes have it. The bill is passed. Committee members– do you have a question? The bill has passed. Do you have a question? 


Beck [00:09:17] Not, not concerning the bill, but yes. 


Tosh [00:09:20] OK. All right, you’re recognized for your question. 


Beck [00:09:24] I would like to request that we honor the, the process that we started this with, where we weighted all the, the, the maps that we have to see which one the committee preferred most. We have time to do that now as opposed to rushing this. And really, for transparency purposes, I think we should go back and weight all the maps as they’re amended to see which really are the top three. Because I think at this point now, we can’t say that because there’s been so many amendments to bills that were in the original, and some bills have not been weighted at all. I think it would be– just in the act of transparency, I think we should go back and give every bill the same chance. That’s my motion. 


Tosh [00:10:11] Well, Representative Beck, let me just speak to that motion at this time. Yesterday, I alluded to that when I opened up with my opening comments that we would go back to the original process and that the first bill we would hear with the one that garnered the most votes from this committee, and Representative Speaks was the sponsor of that bill. She went to the end of the table to present it. If you’ll recall, there was a proper motion made, which could be done at any time. And so, but are you making a motion at this time to do what? 


Beck [00:10:49] During our initial discussions, we– it was said that if a new map was introduced that we would throw it in with the, with the other maps that we had already weighted and go back through that process so that we would get a full– the committee’s feelings on which one of the maps got the most votes. My point is is that there’s been new maps introduced to this committee. There has been maps that have been, and we’ve heard this, major amendments made to them, but they were never weighted on the original, like we weighted the original. We just said, OK, we’re going to take these maps forward. And I think for, just for transparency purposes– I don’t know that it’ll change anything. Or it may change some things, it may not. But I think for transparency purposes, we ought to go back to the original process and weight all of the maps as amended together so we can get the true feeling of how the committee feels. 


Tosh [00:11:47] OK, that is, that is, I think, that is a proper motion. You’ve heard the motion from Representative Beck. Any discussion on his motion? Representative Deffenbaugh.


Deffenbaugh [00:12:01] Yeah, yes, sir. I just had a question. How– oK, so if we– if that happened, how– what do we do with the Senate? I mean, what do we, you know, what do we– do they got to go back and do it again? Or what would, what would happen there? 


Tosh [00:12:17] They’d just have to go back through the whole process. We passed this other bill out, but Representative Beck did make a proper motion that this committee needs to consider. And if the, if the will of this committee is to pass that motion, then we would just have to get guidance from there. But we’d have to go back through the process. 


Deffenbaugh [00:12:34] OK, thank you. Yes, sir. 


Tosh [00:12:36] OK. Any further discussion on the motion? Seeing none, all in favor of the motion, say aye. All opposed, say no. The noes have it. Your motion has failed. Committee members, this meeting is adjourned. Thank you.