October 8, 2021


Griffin [00:00:48] The Senate will come to order. Madam Secretary, please call the roll.


Secretary [00:01:32] [Roll call] 


Griffin [00:01:33] As far as I can remember, we always handled leave after the prayer and the pledge, which I think is appropriate. I don’t know why recently, we’ve started inserting it right here. We’ll do it one last time, but I hope it never happens again. Senator Pitsch. 


Pitsch [00:01:48] Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Leave for Senators Ingram, Flowers, Eads, Hester, Stubblefield and Hendren. 


Griffin [00:01:56] Without objection. Everyone in the balcony and everyone else please stand for the prayer. Senator Hammer is not here so– Senator Hammer. I was going to lead them in prayer, but the Lord thankfully will listen to either one of us, even when my kids won’t.


Hammer [00:02:17] Father, thank you for the day. We thank you just for blessing us through this time, and we thank you, Lord, for loving us. And we know, Lord, your love is unconditional. And so we pray that we would just display that, father, in our interactions. And we just thank you for being a God that loved us enough to create us and put us on this earth and, Father, you put us here on a perfect status in the beginning. But ever since we’ve had to look to you for guidance throughout the challenges, the day to day life. And Father, I am going to thank you that we live in America. I thank you that we live in Arkansas. I thank you, Lord, that we have the ability to come and to debate openly without fear of persecution and, Father, that is a great responsibility. But, Lord, it’s also a great privilege and we get to participate in that. And so we just pray that you would just bless us as we go home to our families, to our constituents and just pray, Lord, that you’d honor our families for the sacrifices that they’ve made while we’ve been gone, for the folks that have had businesses that they now got to go home and catch up on, we just pray to bless and make them prosperous. And, Father, again, we just thank you for loving us and showing it through your son’s death, burial, resurrection on the cross, and it’s in his name we pray and ask these things, amen. 


[00:03:28] [Pledge of Allegiance]


Griffin [00:03:44] Are there any items at the desk? 


Secretary [00:03:44] Yes, Mr. President, from the Hall of the House of Representatives of the 93rd General Assembly, notice of the Return of Senate Bill 731 having failed to pass. 


Griffin [00:03:55] Senator Hickey. 


Hickey [00:04:04] Thank you, Mr. President. Before I do this, I don’t want to count any chickens before they hatch, but I do want to thank the staff for all their work that they’ve done, and you also, Mr. President. With that members, I’ll make a motion that this Senate resolution that’s before you, that, that you would pass it. Also yesterday had made a statement that if any of these bills are vetoed by the governor that I will, I will call us back into session to consider those. So with that–


Griffin [00:04:50] Any questions on the resolution? 


Secretary [00:04:50] Senate resolution 35 by Senator Hickey, to provide a recess of the General Assembly and to provide that the 93rd General Assembly will adjourn Sine die no later than October 15th, 2021. 


Griffin [00:05:02] All those in favor say aye. Opposed. The ayes have it. The resolution’s adopted. Any announcements? The Senate’s adjourned.