Joint Budget

Feb. 14, 2022


Jean [00:01:21] Budget to order. The first item on the agenda today is the appropriation for the general appropriation bill. By our Constitution, we have to pass this before we do any other business. Mr. Anderson, you got anything you want to say on it? 


Anderson [00:01:42] No, sir, I’ll just– Mr. Chairman– 


Jean [00:01:44] Any questions about the general appropriation act? Seeing none, I need a motion to approve. I have a motion and a second. Any discussion? All in favor say aye. Any opposed. Members, we’re going to be back in here at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. We will have some bills that are not being held. We’ve still got probably 60 or so bills that are going to be held, but the ones that were not, we’re going to try to knock out as much as we can tomorrow morning and the following morning. So likely, we have 44 appropriations that are not being held. And before you is also– I know Special Language and some other subcommittees will meet. You have that in front of your desk. Remind yourself of what subcommittees you’re on. They’ll generally meet at either 7:30 or 8 o’clock prior to budget meetings in the morning. Mr. Co-chairman, you got anything you want to say? Anything else to be brought before Joint Budget? Appreciate you coming over. We are adjourned.