House Rules

March 1, 2022


Slape The chair sees a quorum. Members, please use your mics. Those wishing to speak for or against the resolution, please sign in. And Representative Dotson, you’re recognized to present your resolution. 


Dotson Thank you, Mr. Chair, members of the committee. This is the joint rules– following– this is still part of the EBD package. So all the bills had to go through first to make sure that they were, they were done. Now, the joint resolution that changes the joint rules to make sure that the process going forward in our House and Senate joint rules– this very closely mirrors what we do for retirement. So a bill, a bill regarding EBD or employee benefits can only be filed during the first 15 days of a session. If it comes up after the first 15 days, it takes a three fourths vote of both chambers in order to bring that up after the first 15 days of a session. Obviously, they still have to have the actuarial fiscal impact statements with, with any bill that’s filed regarding employee benefits type stuff. And then if it’s done during a, a fiscal or a special session, it’s a two thirds vote threshold. So you’ve got to get permission of both chambers by two thirds before, before we can bring something up to change that once this rule goes into effect. More than happy to try to take any questions. 


Slape Members, are there any questions? We have a motion do pass. Second. Don’t need it. We don’t need a second, general. 


Dotson I’m closed. 


Slape And you are closed? What’s the will of the committee? Do pass. OK. Any discussion on the motion? Not like the last motion. OK, what is the will or– what– the question before the committee is do pass. All in favor say aye. They did and it’s passed. 


Dotson Thank you. 


Slape No further business before the committee. This is adjourned.