Hey neighbors,

Arkansas, we can do better. Our state does not need D.C. style politics. We don’t need our politicians sowing division and manufacturing bogeymen to stoke fears. We don’t need politicians who manipulate those fears while asking hardworking Arkansans for a piece of their paycheck to line their already bulging pockets.

This is Arkansas. We are better than that. We are a fiercely independent state full of self-reliant people with good sense and a giving spirit. Our state is uncommonly beautiful, but it’s our people that make it truly great. Arkansas’ state motto is “The People Rule.” That’s how it should be.

But the people too often cede their rule to politicians who don’t have their best interests at heart. They do this by not voting, by not paying attention, by succumbing to a false belief that they don’t matter. And many politicians are all too happy to lap up every drop of power that the people let fall.

At Common Ground Arkansas, our mission is to help Arkansans live up to our state motto, to fully embrace the power of people over politics. There are groups on both sides of the political aisle that are afraid of the people. They may try to tell you who our organization is in a way that helps keep power in the hands of the few and out of the hands of the people. So let us tell you who we are and what we believe.

We are people from all over this state. We are Democrats and Republicans and Independents. We are farmers and lawyers and moms and grandpas. We may disagree on many political issues, but we agree on this. We believe these truths to be self-evident:

  • The people of Arkansas deserve hard work and good ideas from their leaders.
  • We need leaders who protect taxpayer dollars and don’t use their office for personal profit.
  • Leaders must be held accountable for solving real problems faced by Arkansans.
  • Government should be small and regulation limited.
  • The people of Arkansas, not politicians and special interest groups, should rule.
  • Our leaders should govern with integrity and decency.
  • Arkansans deserve an environment that creates good jobs and a high quality of life.

These are some of our core tenets. But the main goal of Common Ground Arkansas is common sense government that works for and reflects the people who live here. That starts with you taking back your power. Vote. Pay attention. Know that YOU matter.

We are creating tools to help you, to make it easier for you to engage, and to know who your leaders are and what they’re doing. We won’t tell you what to think. We aren’t a political party. We want you to have all you need to make your own decisions free of partisan influence.

We can do better, Arkansas. It starts with you. We’re counting on you. Vote between now and May 24.