Legislative Audit: State Agencies
June 2, 2022

Sullivan [00:00:00] Okay. I’m going to call this meeting to order. And we have the minutes. Those were sent to you. Anybody have any questions on the minutes? If not, I’ll take a motion to approve. Motion and a second. Without objection, those are approved. Next, we have some reports. Mr. Burlington, would you please read those reports?

Burlington [00:00:23] Yes, sir. We have four reports on the agenda today. All four of these reports have no findings, and those are listed on your audit summary.

Sullivan [00:00:31] And now we can stretch this out if anybody has any comments. Any comments on the reports? Yes, sir. You’re recognized.

Rice [00:00:40] I’d just like to say that evidently the Audit Committee is doing such a good job, the last two times we’ve not had any findings. It just think it’s finally reflecting through, don’t you?

Sullivan [00:00:50] Amen. I think I’ll thank you for that. As the chairman, I accept that and I appreciate it. Any other comments? If not, we’ll accept those reports as reviewed. Anyone have any new business? Everybody, take a couple of breaths here. We’re going to extend the meeting just a little bit. Seeing no new business. Nobody brings that up, then we are adjourned. Thank you very much.