Common Ground Arkansas commissioned a poll in June to gauge how satisfied Arkansas voters are with their role in the political process. Findings showed that Arkansas voters feel that they have too little power and that political parties have too much power in determining who holds office. Results also revealed that Arkansas voters feel that the values and issues they care about are being ignored by candidates.


Voter Power

  • 67% said that voters do not have enough power in the political process.
  • Only 23% said voters have the right amount of power.
  • 10% said they don’t know.

Political Party Power

  • Just 6% of Arkansas voters want to see political parties have more control over the process of selecting candidates for office.
  • 58% of Arkansas voters feel political parties have too much control over the process of candidate selection.
  • 21% of voters feel that political parties have the right amount of control.
  • 15% don’t know.

“We continue to see power grabs by elected officials and political parties at the expense of Arkansas voters. That isn’t going unnoticed by the people of Arkansas. We hear from Arkansans from around this state who are fighting for a voice in a process that is increasingly stacked against everyday, hardworking Arkansans.”

Jim Hendren

Founder, Common Ground Arkansas

Representation of Voter Values and Issues

This perceived lack of control over the political process leaves an electorate that often feels their values are unrepresented.

  • A majority, 54%, said they feel candidates ignore Arkansas voters’ values and issues.
  • Just 40% of Arkansans feel that candidates represent the values and issues that voters care about. 
  • 7% don’t have an opinion. 

“Arkansas voters feel unrepresented in their choices and relatively powerless against hyperpartisanship. The answer is not to strip their power further, but to fulfill our state motto: The people rule.”

Misty Orpin

Executive Director, Common Ground Arkansas



The poll was conducted by Citizen Data among 618 registered Arkansas voters between June 9 and June 12, 2022. Margin of error is +/- 3.9 percentage points