ALC Peer

September 22, 2022


Dismang …ability to do a run through what we’ve got to do. 


ALC Staff Thank you, Mr. Chair. On today’s agenda is the department’s sixth round of requests. The request is for $72.4 million to make grants to seven school districts. The second handout you have is the schedules provided by the department, and it shows a breakout of the district’s responses on whether their use of funding plans allow– I’m sorry, their plans follow an ALC recommendation to use ARP funds for teacher retention strategies. Of those seven school districts, two districts revised their plans to meet the recommendation and five districts did not revise their plans. And justification is provided in the last column. 


Dismang Members, do we have any questions? All right. Seeing none– what’s– motion to approve. We’ve got a motion to approve. We’ve got a second. All those in favor, signify by saying aye. All those opposed. Motion carries. Members, we had a request to see how many schools are left that have not made any type of request or submission of any kind. We should have– there’s 17 remaining that have not. And then our next meeting– I’m waiting to hear from co-chair, but it’ll be either Wednesday or Thursday of next week. So, but as soon as I hear that, then we’ll get that sent out so everybody’s aware. No, it is not Tuesday. Members, with that, do we have any other business? All right. Seeing none, we are adjourned. Thank you.