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HB 1004:

Adding businesses and complete addresses to the Sex Offender Registry

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Filed 11.17.22

Full Bill Title

To Amend the Sex Offender Registration Act of 1997 to Include Disclosure of a Sex Offender’s Address to the Public


What it does

It amends requirements of the public Sex Offender Registry to include the full address of the sex offender and the name of their employer.

Quick Facts:

  • The registry currently requires disclosure of the street name and block number where sex offenders live.
  • This bill would replace “block number” with “house number, apartment of unit number,” giving more specificity on exactly where the sex offender lives.
  • It would also add a disclosure for the name of the sex offender’s employer and its full address, as opposed the current requirement for the block number of their employer (without name or street address).

To Watch:

  • This would put Arkansas business owners and their business addresses on sex offender registries.


The Sex Offender Registry currently requires the following information from sex offenders:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Sex offense
  • Street and block number, along with county, city, and zip code where they live
  • Race and gender
  • Date of last address verification 
  • Photograph
  • Parole or probation office
  • Street and block number, along with county, city, and zip code where they are employed

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What’s been said

Rep. Ray: “Unfortunately, Arkansas leads the nation in the number of child sex abuse cases per capita, and we must do something to change that. I have worked with local law enforcement on this bill to improve Arkansas’s sex offender registry and help equip Arkansans with information that would help protect them from sex offenders.” (ADG)


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