Senate Bill

HB 1009:

Reimbursement for health-related rideshare for Medicaid recipients

Not Bipartisan

Bill Primary sponsors

Representative Aaron Pilkington



Filed 11.18.22

Full Bill Title

To authorize the Arkansas Medicaid program to reimburse for nonemergency transportation to healthcare facilities


What it does

This bill defines the types of healthcare facilities that Arkansas Medicaid recipients using a rideshare (think Uber, Lyft) service can seek reimbursement to and from. The definition includes hospitals, healthcare systems, clinics, office of healthcare professionals, and long-term care facilities.

It speficies the transportation must be from the recipient’s home to the facility, and it caps reimbursement for non-emergency rideshare transportation at $150 per year for the Medicaid beneficiary at the federal mileage reimbursement rate.

Options: Filed, on agenda, passed, failed… (more)




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