House Bill

HB 1010:

Requires 1 year of postpartum Medicaid coverage for women

Not Bipartisan

Bill Primary sponsors

Representative Aaron Pilkington



Filed 11.18.22

Full Bill Title

An Act to require Medicaid coverage for postpartum mothers for one year after giving birth


What it does

This bill requires the Department of Human Services to extend postpartum Medicaid coverage to mothers for one year.

The department may “submit and apply for a state plan amendment or waiver to obtain federal approval to adopt one-year postpartum Medicaid coverage for mothers who have recently given birth.”


Arkansas currently offers Medicaid coverage to low-income mothers for up to 60 days after the baby is born. Yet nearly half (47%) of all pregnancy-related deaths in the state occured between 43 days and one year after the birth. Arkansas has among the highest maternal mortality rates in the nation.

The American Rescue Plan Act offered states the option to extend Medicaid-funded postpartum care to 12 months.

Options: Filed, on agenda, passed, failed… (more)




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