Issue 2 Data

We added more charts this morning, this time on Issue 2 – the power grab from the People that failed. We created a map and a plot by county focused on % against.

Then we finished up with a look at counties’ 2020 Trump vote compared to Issue 2. It’s pretty interesting to see. There was such an attempt by Issue 2 supporters to make this a “liberal left” vs “conservative” issue. But that didn’t play.

Look at Crittenden County (biggest city = West Memphis). It’s not Trump territory. Crittenden was one of only a few counties where Trump got under 50%. (He got 45% there.) But that’s where Issue 2 actually did the best in the state with 58% in favor.

The most pro-Trump County, Searcy. 84% voted for Trump. 60% voted AGAINST Issue 2.

It’s not partisan. It’s about PEOPLE.

Quick note: Phillips County isn’t in yet, so that’s why it isn’t included.