2 Things

Two Things Today:
November 30

1. Did you know it’s time to vote again? Already? Yeah, at least for some of us. Use our tool to check elections near you.
2. The House of Representatives has set its organizational meeting for the upcoming legislative session.

Thing 1

Early voting underway for runoffs

Yep, it’s time to vote in those pesky runoffs, the General Election’s hangover. There are dozens of races in 36 counties. Use our tool linked below to see if there’s a race you should be voting in.

General election runoffs are a bit wonky and problematic. They have low voter turnout, they aren’t applied equally to all candidates, and they’re expensive. Read our Runoffs 101 for an explainer.

Find Local Elections

Runoff Tool

Be in the know

Runoffs 101

Thing 2

House sets organizational meeting

The House of Representatives had delayed its organizational meeting pending the recount of a couple of elections. Now that results are certified, there’s not holding back.

The meeting is set for Monday, Dec. 5, at 9 a.m., and it will be livestreamed on the House website.

The nitty gritty

What will they do there?

The organizational meeting is where they begin: 

  • committee assignments
  • drawing for seniority
  • seat selection

Unless you’re a legislator, you probably don’t care about the last two, but the first one is super important.

House stats

Random facts

  • House members all serve 2-year terms.
  • A quarter of the Representatives are newly elected.
  • The partisan make-up is 82 Republicans and 18 Democrats.
  • Total, there are 26 women and 74 men. 56% of the Democratic Representatives are women. 26% of the Republican Representatives are women.