Alert: Your Right to vote is at risk

Party officials trying to disenfranchise 93% of you

The Arkansas state Republican Party is voting on Dec. 3 to potentially remove the right to vote for 93% of Arkansans in the May Primary election. 

What’s at stake? A lot.


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What’s happening

The Republican Party will vote at its Dec. 3 meeting to potentially keep anyone other than registered Republicans from voting in the Republican May Primary election.

This means that 93% of Arkansans, the majority of which are not registered with either party, would not get to vote in the election that decides who most of our leaders will be.

Why does it matter?

75% of our state and federal races are actually decided in Republican Primaries


The PEOPLE of Arkansas pay for primary elections, not the parties. Yet the party is trying to exclude 93% of Arkansans.

How many of you will lose the right to vote? See below.

Party Registration Search
County Can’t vote
Statewide 92.9
Arkansas 99.9
Ashley 94.1
Baxter 84.7
Benton 88.0
Boone 87.7
Bradley 97.0
Calhoun 99.2
Carroll 90.2
Chicot 94.4
Clark 96.2
Clay 98.5
Cleburne 81.1
Cleveland 88.5
Columbia 98.5
Conway 95.1
Craighead 92.8
Crawford 93.6
Crittenden 98.4
Cross 96.6
Dallas 96.9
Desha 98.6
Drew 95.5
Faulkner 95.3
Franklin 94.2

Take Action

What can you do?

Tell the Party that the People are in charge.

Let the Republican Party know you oppose this change. We encourage civil discourse, especially when we disagree.

Contact these people in your area


State Senator and State Representative


County Republican Party Chair


Republican Women Presidents


Young or College Republican Chair


State Committee members


What's a closed primary?

A closed primary is a type of primary election in which a voter must affiliate formally with a political party in advance of the election date in order to participate in that party’s primary

How many states have closed primaries?

Just 14 states (including the District of Columbia) have some version of closed primaries. That’s just 28%. They range from liberal states like New York to conservative states like South Dakota. 

How many people are registered as Republicans in Arkansas?

Just 7% of Arkansas are registered as Republicans. And only 5% are registered as Democrats. The vast majority of Arkansans, 88%, aren’t registered with any party.

Who is leading this effort?

Closed primaries tend to make election outcomes more extreme and more partisan. They tend to keep moderate candidates and voters from participating. Proponents therefore are usually the more extreme factions of a political party.

What does this mean for political Independents?

Political Independents would be disenfranchised under the closed primary rule change.

Who pays for party elections?

Arkansas taxpayers pay for primary elections. All Arkansas voters would foot the bill for a closed partisan primary that just a few Arkansans could actually vote in.