House Bill

HB 1051:

Funding some judges and legislator expenses


Bill Primary sponsors

Joint Budget Committee


Representative David Ray

Filed 1.04.23

Full Bill Title

An act to make an appropriation for expenses of the judicial branch of government for the government for the Auditor of State – General appropriations, Arkansas Senate and Arkansas House of Representatives for the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2024; And for other purposes


What it does

This bill would fund:

  • the expenses of  State Representatives when the legislature is not in session ($368,000)
  • the expenses of State Senators when the legislature is not in session ($200,000)
  • expenses of trial and district judges, as well as special or recalled judges ($815,000)

Total Cost:  $1,383,000



Options: Filed, on agenda, passed, failed… (more)




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