House Floor

January 10, 2023

Rep Shepherd: I invite the members of staff, press, and guests in the galleries to stand and be led in prayer by the House Chaplain, Dr. Jonathan Kelley, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church, El Dorado.


Chaplain Kelley: Let us pray. Almighty God and Everlasting Father, we are grateful for a new day, a new day in Arkansas. And as the sun shines over us in the Delta and clouds form in the Ozarks and the waters of Lake Ouachita rush across the shore, our gratitude grows because each of these is a sign of your goodness to us. We are grateful for each of the citizens who call this state home. They are great people. Each one created in your image. So we pray for these Arkansans at this hour. We pray especially for those who are at their wits’ end, our teachers, our police officers, and single moms. I pray then for the men and women in this room, that they would be granted the wisdom to craft and pass meaningful legislation that benefit those we value the most, our educators who shape the next generation, our police officers who walk our streets, and the most vulnerable, those like our single mothers who are raising children and trying to provide a home and give food and support to their children. On this day, let your presence be an encouragement to each of these. Let each Arkansan know that there’s a God who loves them. And God, we are grateful for one more chance to serve. Jesus, you tell us that we should love our neighbor. So let each day in this room be an act of loving our neighbor. Let this room, this chamber be a constant reminder of the responsibility you have entrusted to these men and women. And may each preceding that follows please you. In your name, King Jesus, we pray. Amen.


audience: Members, please indicate your presence by pushing your yellow present button. Prepare the machine, Mr. Clerk. Cast up the ballot, Madam Clerk. With 99 members present, the chair sees a quorum. Members, we will say the pledge at the joint session this morning. I appreciate your vigilance to make sure I’m on the same schedule, as always. Representative Jeffrey Wardlaw moves that we dispense with the reading of the previous day’s journal. Without objection, so ordered. Are there reports from select committees? Are there reports from standing committees? Is there any unfinished business? Are there any executive communications? Madam Clerk, please read House Concurrent Resolution 1004.


Madam Clerk: House Concurrent Resolution 1004. Providing that the House of Representatives and the Senate of the 94th General Assembly may recess on Thursday, January 12, 2023, and reconvene on Tuesday, January 17th, 2023.


Rep Shepherd: Representative Wing, you’re recognized to explain the resolution.


Rep Wing: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Colleagues, this will be the easiest bill that you will vote on all session long. All this does is gives us permission to be able to take four days off, including the Martin Luther King holiday, and then also off on Friday. I’d appreciate a good vote.


Rep Shepherd: Representative Wing has explained the resolution. Would anyone like to speak against the resolution? Would anyone like to speak for the resolution? Representative Wing is closed for the resolution. The question before the House is the adoption of House Concurrent Resolution 1004. All in favor say aye.


audience: Any opposed? The resolution is adopted. The House will stand in recess until 10:30 AM.





Rep Shepherd: The House will come to order. The House is now reconvened. Representative Meeks for what purpose?


Rep Meeks: Motion, please.


Rep Shepherd: Let’s hear your motion.


Rep Meeks: After the announcements, reading of the bills, transferring the bills, placing the calendars on the desk, members amending their own bills with their own amendments, and members withdrawing their own bills, finalizing resolutions, reading communications, and any remaining committee reports, I move that we adjourn until one 1:30 tomorrow afternoon.


Rep Shepherd: That’s a proper motion. It’s not debatable. All in favor say aye. Any opposed? The motion passes. Are there any announcements? Representative Wing, for what purpose?


Rep Wing: Announcement.


Rep Shepherd: Let’s hear your announcement.


Rep Wing: The House Management Committee will meet upon adjournment today in room 138 downstairs. All members of House Management 138.


Rep Shepherd: Representative Fortner, for what purpose?


Rep Fortner: Announcement.


Rep Shepherd: You’re recognized for announcement.


Rep Fortner: Ag will meet at 10 o’clock for organizational meeting in room 138 tomorrow.


Rep Shepherd: Representative Lanny Fite, for what purpose?


Rep L Fite: Announcement.


Rep Shepherd: You’re recognized.


Rep L Fite: City, County, and Local will meet at 10 AM tomorrow in MAC B, organizational meeting.


Rep Shepherd: Representative Barker, for what purpose? You’re recognized.


Rep Barker: Aging, Children and Youth will meet at 10 AM in the morning in room 130.


Rep Shepherd: Representative Flowers, for what purpose?


Rep Flowers: Thank you. Mr. Speaker. In the absence of our chairman, the Arkansas Legislative Black Caucus will hold a luncheon tomorrow afternoon 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at the Arkansas Pharmacists Association. Thank you.


Rep Shepherd: Representative Dalby, for what purpose?


Rep Dalby: Announcement.


Rep Shepherd: You’re recognized.


Rep Dalby: Thursday morning, 10 AM, House Judiciary will meet in room 149. That’ll be Thursday.


Rep Shepherd: Representative Tosh, for what purpose?


Rep Tosh: Announcement.


Rep Shepherd: You’re recognized.


Rep Tosh: State Agencies will meet at 10 AM in the morning for an organizational meeting, and also we have four or five bills we need to hear. 10 AM in the morning. Room 151.


Rep Shepherd: Representative Vaught, for what purpose?


Rep Vaught: Announcement.


Rep Shepherd: You’re recognized.


Rep Vaught: House Rules will meet tomorrow at noon, Big MAC B.


Rep Shepherd: Representative Maddox, for what purpose?


Rep Maddox: Announcement.


Rep Shepherd: You’re recognized.


Rep Maddox: Insurance and Commerce will meet tomorrow morning at 10 AM in room 149 for an organizational meeting.


Rep Shepherd: Any other announcements? If not, the desk will remain open as needed for the reading of the bills and upon completion of the items named in the adjourned resolution. The House will be adjourned until 1:30 PM tomorrow.