House Judiciary

Jan. 12, 2023

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Rep Dalby: Members, House Judiciary will come to order. Chair sees a quorum. Our very first thing we’re going to do this morning, and then we’ll start in with all our introductions, is we’re going to pick our seats. And so I’m going to ask Barbara, and I’ll introduce her in just a little bit, but Barbara’s going to call the roll by seniority. And you take your nameplate from back in the back and come put it in front of the seat you want and have a seat. So Barbara, you’re recognized at this time to call the roll.


BLR Staff: Representative Milton Nicks. Representative Marcus Richmond. Representative Jimmy Gazaway. Representative Danny Watson. Representative Cindy Crawford. Representative Jamie Scott. Representative Nicole Clowney. Representative Cameron Cooper.


Rep Dalby: He’s not here.


BLR Staff: Representative Jay Richardson. Representative Andrew Collins. Representative Tippi McCullough. Representative Ashley Hudson. Representative John Milligan. Representative Kendon Underwood. Representative Jeremiah Moore. Representative Matt Dewffield.


Rep Dalby: Duffield.


BLR Staff: Duffield.


Rep Dalby: We need to leave that one open, don’t we, where Duffield put down?


BLR Staff: Yes.


Rep Dalby: Representative Duffield, we’re going to leave that seat open, so if you don’t mind. Sorry we didn’t make that clear. We usually leave those very last seats for witnesses. But you have your choice of all the choice seats over here on this side.


BLR Staff: Representative Steve Unger. Representative Shad Pearce.


Rep Dalby: And then, Kendra, if you’ll go pick up that last one, and he’ll assign that seat that’s left. All right.

Committee dates and processes

Thank you, members. I do want to welcome you to House Judiciary. For those of you who are new, welcome to fun and games. We have a great time in here. We do try very much. We have a big agenda that comes through this committee, so we work very hard in this committee. And just so you’ll know kind of how it works, all the bills that get assigned to us will be on our agenda. And those of you who’ve been here before know that, particularly on the House side, I will work through that agenda and approach people on the House floor to see if they’re ready to run their bills and get them scheduled and run them that way. And the reason why I do that is if we start at the top and people don’t show up and we’re doing it that way, what happens is we bottleneck in here. And everything gets pushed way back to the back, and then we bottleneck. And then y’all will really dislike Judiciary, because you’ll be here for all hours of the night trying to get through everything toward the end of session. So we do work it. Everybody that files a bill does get a hearing in here, but understand I just don’t start– and I think everybody out here who’s come to House Judiciary knows that, that we just don’t start at the top in here and go. We try to schedule it so that we have things set and we don’t come in here and no one shows up to run a bill. So we’ll always have bills to run in here. Historically, this committee may have 200 to 300 bills come through or more. But that’s how we’ll do it. If we have something that’s going to be controversial, we’ll set that for a special order, and that will be the only thing that will be heard that day. That kind of gives you what we do. We already have a number of bills that are on our agenda, on our calendar. And come Tuesday, we’ve already got a bill set to be heard on Tuesday. But that will kind of give you just the basics.


Rep Dalby: All I ask in this committee– because there are a lot of things that come up that can get emotional. People who come to our committee often have had very tragic things happen in their lives. That can be an emotional testimony for them. I just ask that we always be really very respectful to our guests that come and be respectful to each other, and I promise you that that’s what always is my goal for not only our guests, but for each of you. Typically, what we will do, you’ll have one question and a follow up. And if I have a lot of folks in the queue and you’ve got more questions, we’ll drop you down. We’ll come back to your question, but we’ll give everybody that opportunity that are in the queue and drop you down and bring you back up. So don’t worry about that. You will get your questions in on that. We do allow whoever signs up to speak for or against a bill unless for some reason we’ve got a whole bunch of people that are saying the same thing over and over and over. And then we’ll ask them if they can consolidate their comments. But those are some really very basic ground rules. I think you all are familiar with that from your other meetings already this week. But I do welcome you. I’m looking forward to working with each of you. We do have new members, and we’re going to introduce ourselves here in just a moment, but I’m proud to have as the vice chair this year Stan Berry, Representative Stan Berry. And Representative Berry, you have any comments you’d like to make?


Rep S Berry: Well, I feel it’s an honor to be able to serve with Chairman Dalby. This is the third session that I served on Judiciary, the first time vice chair. But again, it’s an honor to serve with you. And you’re a very fair lady, I’ve always seen. And if anything that I can do to help with anything that you have, I’m there. So thank you.


Rep Dalby: And members, listen, Representative Berry will be the one who will be making our announcements on the House floor, so always listen. He and I communicate on a regular basis. Listen, he’ll let you know when we’re going to meet again. And I can tell you right now we’re going to meet Thursday, whatever this coming Thursday is, at 10 AM. So we will be meeting that day. With that, we’re–


BLR Staff: Tuesday.


Rep Dalby: Tuesday, Tuesday. Well, I’m already off. So whatever day we come back, we’re meeting. So put it down Tuesday. Thank you, Barbara. We do have new staff members working with us this year. Allison has retired from the Bureau, and then Judy retired from the Bureau. I’m not sure that we wore them out, but they retired. But we’re delighted to have Barbara Brown, who is our analyst. And those of you who have served in past years in City, County, Local, you’ve seen these two people. Senator Stubblefield stole them for Judiciary, and so if you see the City, County, Local Chair, you might want to dodge him. He’s already been in here this morning giving us a hard time that we stole his folks. But Barbara has been around for a while, she understands what goes on, and she’s going to be a great asset. I’m looking forward to working with her because she’s the one who’s going to poke me on the arm and already say, “No, we come back Tuesday, not Thursday.” And then we have Kendra Norton, who is down here. Kendra keeps up with us, and she will help you. If your pencil breaks or you need another notepad or something, just let’s get her attention. She’s the one who comes in and sets us up and keeps us going.


Rep Dalby: A few housekeeping details because it’s been a long time since we got to meet in our room and not over at Big Mac since that’s where we were last session. For those of you who may not know, we have coffee and a refrigerator with the drinks and a sink right here behind this partition. And the restroom is right back through those doors straight back. There’s a key to the– not a key to the restroom. Don’t shut that door when you come out or we have to call Lynn and get him to come down here and let us back in. There’s a note on there, and I have found evidently we have a hard time reading sometimes. So read the note. But feel free if you get thirsty, you need to go to the restroom, just get up and go. Because we’re going to keep on rolling. And with that, I’m going to start right down here with Representative Nicks. If y’all will just– because we do have a lot of people out here, your name, where you represent, that type of thing. Thank you.


Rep Nicks: Thank you, Madam Chair. Representative Milton Nicks from District 35. I represent Marion and West Memphis in Crittenden County. In my fifth term and my fourth term on the judiciary committee, and I’m thankful to be here.


Rep Richmond: Representative Marcus Richmond, District 52.


Rep Gazaway: Representative Jimmy Gazaway. I represent District 31, which is a small portion of Greene County, essentially just the city of Paragould. This is my fourth term to serve in the House. I’ve been on the House Judiciary Committee each of those terms, and I’m glad to be back for another. Look forward to all the good work that we’re going to do in here.


Rep Watson: Representative Danny Watson, fourth term, first term Judiciary, Hempstead, Howard, Miller County, which has Texarkana, Nashville, Hope.


Rep Dalby: Well, now, you don’t have Texarkana. You have Mandeville.


Rep Watson: Part of Mandeville, [laughter] suburb of Texarkana.


Rep Dalby: Suburb, and I grew up in Mandeville, so I want you to make sure that–


Rep Watson: Hey, I will represent well.


Rep Dalby: Well, there you go.


Rep Watson: Background in law enforcement as a director of safety, looking forward to serving on this committee.


Rep Crawford: Hello, Representative Cindy Crawford. This is my third term, my third time to actually serve on Judiciary. Looking forward to a great session. I am from Fort Smith and serve the south and east parts of Fort Smith. In that encompasses Fort Chaffee, which we have a new up and coming Chaffee Crossing. I would love for you all to come look at that if you would. It is a diamond for Arkansas. Thank you.


Rep Clowney: Nicole Clowney. I represent District 21, which is Fayetteville. This is also my third term in the legislature and third term to sit on Judiciary. Excited to get to work.


Rep J Richardson: Jay Richardson. Serve District 49, which is north Fort Smith. This is my third term in the House and second term on judiciary.


Rep Collins: Andrew Collins. I represent parts of Little Rock, the area from Riverdale out the Pinnacle, the north and west parts of the city. Third term in the House, third term on Judiciary.


Rep J Moore: Representative Jeremiah Moore. I reside in Clarendon. I represent District 61. It covers the southeast third of Jackson County, all of Woodruff County, the eastern third of Prairie County, a little over half of Monroe County, and most of Arkansas County. This is my first term in the legislature, and I look forward to serving with you all.


Rep Duffield: I’m Representative Matt Duffield, District 53, Russellville. It’s an honor to be here. I look forward to serving my district and the great people of the state of Arkansas. Thank you so much.


Rep Pearce: Representative Shad Pearce, first term, District 40, which encompasses Independence County, a small silver of Cleburne, small sliver of White. It’s a great honor to be here. And I pray to you all to be fair and consistent throughout this. And I’m ready to get started. Thank you. Madam speaker, I’m sorry I didn’t address you, but thank you so much.


Rep Dalby: You’re fine.


Rep Unger: Representative Steve Unger, first term. From Springdale, District 19. District 19 is south Springdale, west Springdale, all of Johnson, and a sliver of Fayetteville. Thank you.


Rep Underwood: Kendon Underwood, District 16, which is portions of Benton County. This is my second term in the House, my second term on Judiciary. Glad to be here.


Rep Milligan: Jon Milligan, I’m from District 33, which is part of Craighead County and part of Mississippi County, and I look forward to serving with all of y’all.


Rep Hudson: Ashley Hudson, District 75, which is most of west Little Rock. This is my second term and my second time on Judiciary.


Rep McCullough: Tippi McCullough, state Rep for District 74, which is downtown Little Rock up through the middle of Little Rock, just south of Representative Collins’ area. This is my third term and second time on Judiciary.


Rep Scott: I am Representative Jamie Scott. I proudly represent north Little Rock, and this is my third term and my third time also serving on the Judiciary Committee under Chairwoman Dalby.


Rep Dalby: Thank you, members. There’s a piece of paper that’s being passed down that has phone numbers on it. Please update your cell phone number. I communicate with you by cell phone, and what I use your cell phone number for is you will get a text from me that will say I anticipate these are the bills we’re going to hear on Tuesday, or here are the bills we’re going to hear on Thursday. Because we meet Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10 o’clock, in this room. And you will get that so that you have that opportunity to spend some time in your evenings reading those bills, looking at them. Because I don’t expect, and I don’t think anybody who’s been on this committee would expect all of us to read every one of those bills before the first meeting. And it keeps you where you’re fresh on what’s going to be heard. And it’s always my plan at the end of every meeting, as those of you who have been here before know, that I will call out bills that I’m anticipating to be heard. And of course, that’s often subject to change if somebody has something that they need to move around, or maybe a senator may come in wanting to run a bill, because often don’t know when they’re coming in, and we kind of adjust. But we try to give priority to the bills that we have announced, and that also lets our guests plan for what they’re going to come. They know not to– if they don’t have a bill that they’re interested in, they know that they don’t necessarily have to be here that day. And it kind of helps them out too. So that’s always my plan, and that’s why we need your cell phone number. And you’ll be hearing from me every either Sunday or Monday, and every Tuesday or Wednesday, you’ll be hearing from me. And if for some reason you’re not hearing from me, let me know. I may have keyed your phone number in wrong or it’s bouncing back or something like that. Just let me know if you hadn’t heard from me, and we’ll do that.


Rep Dalby: We have a number of people here today from different agencies and some of our frequent flyers that show up on a regular basis. And I don’t expect that you’re going to learn all of their names today, by any means, just like they may not know all of your names. But they’ll be working at it, I assure you. But our frequent flyers come, and we’re always glad to have them and glad to have the agencies. So I’m just going to start with Gregg Parrish down here. If any of you all want to come to the end of the table and introduce yourself, we’ll just start on that end, Scott, and work this way, and we’ll just do that. So if you want to come to the end of the table, you can introduce yourself, tell us who you work for so that the new members will get an opportunity to get to know you. Greg, if you’d like to start off, you’re welcome. Just come to the table, press the button, and you’re free to go.


Agency / Lobbyist introductions

Parrish (Public Defenders): Thank you, Madam Chair. I’m Gregg Parrish. I’m the executive director of the Arkansas Public Defender Commission. Either myself or another representative of our agency will be here at every meeting. I’m always available. Many of you already have my cell phone. But if you need it, please ask for it. I’ll give it to you. Or ask another member who might have it. Thank you.


Rep Dalby: Thank you, Gregg.


Bradley (Sheriff’s Assn): Hello. Am I going? I probably turned it off. No, it’s on. I’m Scott Bradley. I’m the director of the Arkansas Sheriff’s Association. I know many of you and look forward to meeting the rest of you. I’m the director, as I said, and I’ve been the director of the Sheriff Association for five years. Was a sheriff before that. Was elected to eight terms in Van Buren county, Clinton, Arkansas. How many of you know where that’s at? I know you do. It’s close to your place. I look forward to working for you. Like I said, I work for 75 sheriffs. That’s who I work for. Basically, whenever you come across with a bill, I’m going to present that to them. I’m going to get their input. They vote on it, and then we’ll go from there. Hopefully, we can support most of everything. We don’t always get along, but I think we can respectfully disagree at time to time and move forward. If you have a bill you want me to look at, I’d love to see it, and I’d love to present it to them. I’ll give you my cell number. Again, my name’s Scott Bradley. My cell number is 501-253-xxxx. So it’s xxxx is the last four, 253-xxxx. I look forward to working with you guys. Again, just give me a call if you have something, and I’ll do the best I can for you. Thank you.


Rep Dalby: Next? If you’d like to, you may. If you want to remain incognito, you may. You’re not on.


Langmire (ADG): Does that work? All right.


Rep Dalby: There you go. Green buttons.


Langmire (ADG): My name’s Will Langmire. I’m with the Democrat-Gazette. I’ll probably be covering a lot of the meetings, so looking forward to meeting you all.


Rep Dalby: I teased Will a while ago, and I said, “Good, I’m glad you’re here, so I’ll know what door to scoot out of and not see you.” [laughter] So just teasing, Will. Anybody else?


Phelps (Parole Board): This is my hired gun.


Rep Dalby: All we can say is bless you. Bless you.


Phelps (Parole Board): That’s right. Yes, my name is John Phelps, Chairman of the Parole Board. I’ve been on the Parole Board for 25 years now and chairman 11. Been before this committee numerous times and have always enjoyed my interaction with you. If you have any kind of constituent questions, anything like that that I can help you with as far as parole is concerned, just let me know.


Smith (Parole Board): Doug Smith. I know most of everyone in here. I’ve been coming here for eight years, having a different capacity. I’m a new member of the Arkansas Parole Board.


Rep Dalby: Thank you. We look forward to working with you.


Martin (DHS): Good morning. I’m Misha Martin. I’m the DHS Deputy Director as of yesterday. Prior to that, and still am, the Director of Children and Family Services. I brought my team from Children and Family Services, which most stuff that comes through here related to DHS is related to Children and Family Services, but if you have other DHS matters, feel free to reach out to me.


Ross (DHS): And I’m Sarah Ross. I’m Deputy Chief Counsel for the Department of Human Services, and I am primary in-house counsel for the Division of Children and Family Services, Adult Protective Services. I manage the Office of the Public Guardian and supervise the County Legal Operations Attorneys across the state.


Harper (DHS): Good morning, Kristen Harper. I’m an Assistant Director with the Division of Children and Family Services. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if I can help with anything.


Rep Dalby: Thank you. Brad?


Cazort (CIC): Thank you, Madam Chair. I’m Brad Cazort. I’m the Director of the Arkansas Crime Information Center. I have with me Rick Stallings who is the Administrator of our Operations Division. For the new members who don’t know what we do, we have quite a lot. We maintain the entire state’s criminal history record, sex offender database. We’ve got over 20 other databases we maintain mostly for law enforcement which includes wanted persons, missing persons, a number of different stolen property files. We keep the pseudoephedrine log, the scrap metal log. We do crime statistics, victim notification. We don’t have any legislation that we’re sponsoring here, but we’ll be here every time because a lot of the legislation, any legislation basically that affects what we do will come through here, and we’ll be here to answer any questions. And I’d be happy if anybody has any questions and needs are assistance or anything, feel free to contact us at any time.


Stallings ACIC: We’ll be glad to help. Thank you.


Rep Dalby: Thank you. Folks on the back wall or back row folks back there?


Profiri (Corrections): Madam Chairwoman and members, my name is Joe Profiri. I’m the newly appointed Secretary of Corrections. We are here to represent the Corrections and its impact in the carceral space within your communities and your counties. In any way that we can inform you as to our work and provide you guidance and input with regards to any legislation that you may be pursuing or interested in or corrections, how it impacts you, this team is here to support and be a force with your committee.


Rep Dalby: Secretary, on behalf of the Committee, we want to welcome you to Arkansas, and we’ll teach you how to speak Arkansas soon.


Profiri (Corrections): I look forward to that, and it’s an honor and a privilege, ma’am. Thank you so much.


Rep Dalby: Well, welcome, and we look forward to working with your team. Thank you for being here.


Profiri (Corrections): Thank you.


Payne (Corrections): Dexter Payne. I’m the Director of the Division of Corrections as part of the Arkansas Department of Corrections. Been the director for four years. Looking forward to working with you. If you’ve got any questions about our prison system, please feel free to give me a call.


Bradshaw (Corrections): Good morning, everyone. I’m Jerry Bradshaw. I’m the Director of the Division of Community Correction for Arkansas Department of Correction. We’re over probation and parole throughout the State of Arkansas, as well as the six community corrections centers. And if you have any questions that deal with our line of work, please let me know.


Wallace (Corrections): Good morning, everyone. I’m Lindsay Wallace. I’m the Chief of Staff for the Department of Corrections. I’ve been here a few times. I worked for the Sentencing Commission before that. So I was over here for fiscal impacts. Handle constituent issues. So if y’all have any questions or need anything, please feel free to reach out.


Rowell (Sentencing): Good morning. Tawnie Rowell, I’m the Director of the Sentencing Commission. We prepare the fiscal impact assessments that are going to accompany any bills that increase costs for correctional resources. If y’all have any questions about those, I will do my absolute best to be here if anything comes up when the bills are being presented. Otherwise, y’all can reach out if you have any questions about those impacts or just the general sentencing structure. Thank you.


Rep Dalby: Thank you. Jay Robbins, anybody behind you?


Bearden: Good morning, Madam Chairman, Members of the Committee. Richard Bearden. Christian Gonzalez, I’ll let him make an introduction here in a minute. We’re here on behalf of the Judicial Council. I apologize for my cold. We spent too much time at the inaugural festivities. But we represent the Judicial Council, which is the arm of the judiciary that comes and interfaces with the legislature. So it’s all of the Circuit Judges and the members of the Supreme Court. And I understand they’re are going to be over here Tuesday. Yeah. So the Chief Justice, and they’ll have all the staff. So we’ll let them give you some more information. But I’ll let Christian make an introduction as well. I look forward to working with you.


Gonzales JC: Yeah, Christian Gonzalez, I’ve worked with a lot of y’all in different roles before. And I’m excited to work with you all and this role with the Judicial Council. If you all need my number, it’s 479-685-xxxx. And I’ll be around if you have any questions or need anything. I’ll be here every Tuesday and Thursday. I look forward to it.


Rep Dalby: Thank ya’ll. Jay?


Robbins (Bar Assn): Thank you, Madam Chair. My name is Jay Robbins. I’m with the Arkansas Bar Association. We represent about 5,000 attorneys and all across the state. One thing I would like to mention is we have about 35 different sections within the Bar Association ranging from just about every practice area that you can imagine. So anytime you all have a bill or a draft that you would like for us to send out to one of our sections, we would be happy to do that. Thank you. Thank you, Madam Chair.


Rep Dalby: Thank you, Mr. Robbins. Members, that is a very helpful tool to use because what they’ll do is they’ll send your bills out to those attorneys that practice in that particular area. So it’s very helpful. They don’t necessarily take a position, but they’ll tell you the pros and cons of those bills, just like Mr. Robbins and I have already had an excellent conversation on the rule against perpetuities. So wait for that exciting testimony. Yes. It’s really going to be– it will be TV-worthy on the rule against perpetuities. You’re recognized.


Hill (Farm Bureau): Thank you, Madam Chair. Stanley Hill, I’m with the Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation. And we are a general farm organization, and yes, farmers do have legal issues from time to time that even come before this committee. So glad to be here. Thank you.


Rep Dalby: Thank you, Stanley. Bob.


McMahan (Prosecutors): Thank you, Madam Chair. I’m Bob McMahan. I’m the Prosecutor Coordinator. We kind of have dual hats when we come out here. As a prosecutor coordinator, we have a state agency. We’ve been around since 1975, and as the director of that agency, I will be out here on budgetary issues for both my office and the prosecuting attorneys. My other hat is the Executive Director of the Prosecuting Attorneys Association. So most of the time in this committee, you’ll see me in that capacity. And our association will run the legislative package. Usually consists of anywhere from 8 to 12 bills. So we’ll be out here about every day. This is my Deputy, Lori Kumpuris. I’ll let her introduce herself in just a second. She’s informed me that this is my 18th session. I will tell y’all I didn’t used to have gray hair and I didn’t need reading glasses when I first started to come out here, but we’re looking forward to working with you. You will see elected prosecutors from time to time coming out here with us. The President of our association this year is Matt Durrett from Fayetteville. Vice President is Jeff Phillips from Russellville. And our Legislative Chair is Daniel Shue from Sebastian county. So they’ll be out here, and, again, looking forward to working with everyone again.


Kumpuris (Prosecutors): Madam Chairman, Members of the Committee, as Bob said, I’m Lori Kumpuris. I’m the Deputy Prosecutor Coordinator. It’s good to see some familiar faces. Bob mentioned it’s his 18th session. It is my 17th session. So if you multiply that times two, I’ve been here 32 years and he’s been here longer than that. So I tell people sometimes now we’re getting old and cranky because we’ve been doing this so long, but it is a pleasure to be over here again and working with all of you. If you can’t reach Bob, you can always reach me, or we kind of have this team, I guess, we’ve been doing it so long now. So we’re always available. One of us or both of us and our President and our Chairperson will be here almost every meeting. And we may have other staff attorneys that we have that specialize in certain areas that you’ll hear about like sexual assault, family violence, those kinds of things. So if you have bills in that area, please let us know, and we’ll be happy to survey our prosecutors and let you know where we stand. We look forward to working with all of you.


McMahan (Prosecutors): All rural perpetuity questions get directed to Lori. Thank you.


Jackson (AG Office): Thank you, Madam Chair, Adam Jackson, Office of the Attorney General. I guess my official title is Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division. And thank you for giving me PTSD on the rule against perpetuities. It’s been 10 years, but it still gets me.


Rep Dalby: Those of us who have been through law school understand what the rule– well, no, we don’t. We really don’t understand the rule against perpetuities, but we learned it for the bar exam for that brief short amount of time.


Jackson (AG Office): The only thing I remember about is you actually can’t be held ineffective for not knowing it.


Rep Dalby: That’s right. There you go. Thank you, Adam.


Eichler (Gov Office): Good morning. I’m Kelly Eichler. I’m Deputy Chief of Staff for Governor Sarah Sanders, and this is Vu Richie. He’s our Chief Counsel. We have several members of our team that will be here every time you meet. First is Catherine Griffin. And Catherine had an– her shoulder is damaged. So she’s not going to stand. Kelsey Bateman, Cole Jester, and Apprilla Porch. And Apprilla handles all of the clemencies, the extraditions. So if you have any issues that come up around that, she’ll be happy to help you. You can reach me at any time, 501-247-xxxx. It’s my cell phone. So call me with anything that you might have.


Rep Dalby: Could you repeat that one more time?


Eichler (Gov Office): Certainly, 501-247-xxxx, and it’s Kelly Eichler.


Ritchie (Gov Office): I’m Chairman Vu Ritchie, Chief Legal Counsel for Governor Sanders. I’m happy to be here. I will say this that if you need anything, Kelly just gave you her cell phone number. No, but we’re happy to be here, and one thing that Governor Sanders has made very clear is that we’re going to work in partnership with the Legislature. So the legal office is Suite 122 on the first floor. We’re in the back room there. And Kelsey handles the criminal– I’m sorry, the civil side. And Cole is the Deputy Legal Counsel. And then we have another attorney Courtney Kennedy, who is currently a Prosecutor, Faulkner county, and she’ll be joining us next week.


Rep Dalby: Thank you for being here. We appreciate it. Thank you.


Eichler (Gov Office): Thank you.


Rep Dalby: Members are there any questions? Any questions from any member? Mr. Lindsey, do you wish to come to the table? Okay. Thank you for letting me know. Members, we do meet 10 o’clock on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And it’s always my goal that we’re out by noon because I don’t want you to miss lunch and be cranky when you get to the House floor. And so we will be motoring pretty quick. I do start on time. Those of you who have been here know that right straight 10 o’clock here we will go, so. And I know that you’re going to be in and out, and I understand that. But I just wanted to let you know that that’s kind of my goal is we’ll work for two hours, and then we’ll have time for break. Let me tell you what we’re going to be doing Tuesday at 10 o’clock in this room. We’ve got two guests who are going to be coming. The Chief Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court, Chief Justice Dan Kemp will be here, and he’s going to bring some of his staff. There are a number of those individuals who show up all the time. And so Chief Justice will be bringing his staff just for short introductions. They’re not presenting any bills or talking policy or anything, but he just wants the opportunity so you can put a name to face. And as you know, the Chief Justice– well, not last session because we were in COVID, but the session before that, the Chief often had coffee with the Chief in the mornings to give everybody an opportunity to visit with him.


Rep Dalby: And so the Chief Justice wanted to stop by, and we’re certainly granting him that privilege to come. And then following the Chief Justice Tuesday morning, we’ll have Attorney General Tim Griffin will be here, and he will be introducing his staff. He has staff members that, obviously, come each time, and he wants that opportunity. And he will also take 5 or 10 minutes. And then upon completion of that, we will be hearing House Bill 1018, House Bill 1018. At this point in time, that’s the only bill I know because we know we’ve got those two individuals coming. This is Representative Meeks’ bill. He and I have been in conversation. He’s going to have two or three guests with him in presentation of his bill. So over the weekend, have an opportunity to look at that. If I know of any other bills that will be heard on Tuesday, I will let you know. With that, any other questions, comments? Did I get everybody in the audience that wanted to speak? With that, I think we are adjourned. We go to the House floor at 11 o’clock. Look forward to working with you.