House Management Committee

February 13, 2023

Rep Wing: All right, welcome to House Management today. We have one item on the agenda, and we will go straight to House Resolution 1018. Representative Lundstrum, you are recognized.

Rep Lundstrum: Thank you. Sorry for the delay.

Rep Wing: No problem.

Rep Lundstrum: There’s a three o’clock deadline for those of you that may not know for bill filing that have any funds due. So anyway, today I’m delighted to bring in front of you, there is a wonderful gentleman, and I don’t know if you know him or not but Marion Johnson passed away at age 92. And he was Arkansas’ Fiddleman and is responsible for helping Arkansas create the Arkansas fiddle as our instrument, the Arkansas State Instrument.

And he is also responsible for the Arkansas Fiddlers Association. And he inspired a number of young artists including Jenee Fleenor, who is our four-time musician of the nation, or Musician of the Year Award, CMA’s Musician of the Year, who is also from Arkansas. So I’m asking that we honor him this week. The Fiddle Association is getting together Saturday, and they would like to play this honor for them if that’s possible and if we agree.

Rep Wing: Fabulous. All right, any questions from the Committee? What’s the will of the Committee? Got a motion do pass. All in favor say aye. All right, congratulations, Representative Lundstrum.

Rep Lundstrum: Thank you. Thank you so much.

Rep Wing: Being married to a violinist/fiddler, this is a very good piece of legislation.

Rep Lundstrum: Thank you.

Rep Wing: Thank you. All right, seeing no further business, we’re adjourned.