House Management 

Feb. 23, 2023


Rep Wing: Got a nice, happy agenda for us. We’re also going to work through this kind of quickly. I do not see Representative Hawk here, so we will skip to House Resolution 1029. Representative Vaught, you are recognized.


Rep Vaught: So it’s a resolution for 4-H Week, which is next week, or 4-H day here at the Capitol. It’s something that I’ve had the honor of carrying for the last couple of years, and I would appreciate a good vote.


Rep Wing: All right. Any questions from Committee? What’s the will of the Committee? Got a motion do pass. All in favor say aye. All right. Congratulations, Representative.


Rep Vaught: Don’t forget to wear your green on February 28.


Rep Wing: That’s right. Thank you. Thank you. All right. House Resolution 1030, in fact, Representative Schulz, I might just turn it over to you, and I’ll present the next two, 1030 and 1032.


Rep Schulz: Representative Wing, you are recognized to present House Resolution 1030.


Rep Wing: Thank you, very much, Mr. Chair. I’m doing this on behalf of Representative Fortner, who could not be here today. He has another Committee that he has to attend to. But this is commending Arkansas farmers, ranchers, and foresters for their contributions to our Arkansas economy. You cannot overstate that importance, and we are very grateful for them. And so this resolution will honor their impact. And as you look through this resolution, you see it’s a $19 billion industry for the State of Arkansas in terms of our agricultural pursuits. And over 280,000 jobs. One in every seven Arkansans is employed. And so we are strong supporters of agriculture here in the State of Arkansas. And I would make a motion of do pass.


Rep Schulz: Anyone want to speak for or against? What’s the will of the Committee? He already made a motion. All right. Hey, I’m new at this. All in favor? Any opposed? Congratulations. You’re now recognized to present House Resolution 1032.


Rep Wing: All right. Similar situation. Representative Deborah Ferguson reached out to me this morning and said she was going to be unable to be here. But this is a resolution to designate February as the month of National Children’s Dental Health Month. And seeing that it’s February 23rd was good to get this in because we’ve only got five days left. So I would appreciate a good vote on this and I will make another motion of do pass.


Rep Schulz: All in favor? Congratulations.


Rep Wing: Thank you, Mr. Chair.


Rep Wing: Okay. All right. Representative Hawk, it’s good to have you here today. You are recognized to present House Resolution 1027.


Rep Hawk: Thank you, Mr. Chair. So this resolution is to recognize the Spring Hill Elementary School District for being a National Blue Ribbon School. We heard on the House floor earlier today that there is another school in Arkansas. Emerson and Spring Hill are the only two schools in the state that qualified to be a National Blue Ribbon School. And so we are having them up on Monday to recognize them for their achievements. And I would ask that this resolution pass with flying colors to have them come up here on Monday.


Rep Wing: All right. I got a motion of do pass. Any questions on the motion? All right. All in favor say aye. All right.


Rep Hawk: Thank you, Committee.


Rep Wing: Congratulations, Representative Hawk. Thank you. All right. Seeing no further business, we are adjourned.