Senate City, County, Local 

Feb. 7, 2023

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Sen Flippo All right, members, the chair sees a quorum. And we’re going to convene the meeting of the City, County, Local Committee. With that, we’ve got a fairly short agenda. Before we start, I do want to recognize my home county sheriff, Sheriff John Montgomery. Sheriff Montgomery, thank you for being with us today. All right. Well, Sir Hickey, you’re the only one on the agenda, Senator. Have a seat and you’ll be recognized to proceed with your bill.


Sen Hickey Am I recognized?


Sen Flippo You are recognized, Senator.


SB 72 Changing how county jails are reimbursed for housing state prisoners

Sen Hickey Thank you, sir. Okay, members, I’m running Senate Bill 72. There’s a little bit of clean up language in here, of course, where we change the department to division. The meat of the bill, though, is going to be over on page 2. Just to kind of give you an idea of what’s happening right now with the county jails, if the sentencing order is not received by them within 22 days, if the Division of Corrections does not receive that sentencing order within 22 days, then whatever the accrual is from the date of the sentencing up to when they receive it is not received by the county jails. It’s up to the prosecutors or whoever to actually get that sentencing order to the Division of Correction. So what this is going to do is cause that money to accrue from the date of sentencing no matter if they have it or not. Now, the Division of Correction is not going to be required to actually pay the money or to write the check until they receive it to make sure it’s all right. But again, it will accrue and it will go back to the county jails. I know that we normally don’t do a fiscal impact in here, but I knew there was going to be a fiscal impact. So the association, the county and the sheriff’s department, Division of Correction, they kind of worked together, you know, on how to do this language, but they also come up with a number. It looks like it’s going to be like $4.4 million. $667,000 per year is what the cost will be. Again, I knew that as far as leadership now goes, we’ll have to have this whenever we’re developing RSA to make sure that we’ve got all those numbers and towards the end of the session. So that’s why we have this a little bit different. Had to get it from Division of Correction instead of DFA. But I’d appreciate a good vote.


Sen Flippo All right, members, any questions? All right. Seeing none, is there any– Senator Sullivan? Okay. Anybody signed up to speak for or against this? Nobody? All right. Senator, are you closed for your bill?


Sen Hickey Yes.


Sen Flippo I’ve got a motion. Got a second by Senator Sullivan. All in favor, signify by saying aye. Opposed? Congratulations, Senator, your bill passes.


Sen Hickey Thank you. I appreciate the committee. Thank you.


Sen Flippo All right. Members, seeing no further business on the agenda, we are adjourned.