2022 Ballot Issues

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Issue 2: Taking Power from the People

Issue 2 would require Arkansas citizens to get 60% of the vote to pass laws, while allowing politicians to do it with just 50% of the vote. Politicians are trying to tip the scales even more in their favor at the expense of the rights given to Arkansans under our Constitution.

Issue 1: More Government Meetings

Issue 1 would allow the Arkansas Legislature to call itself into special session whenever it wants. Currently, only the governor can do that. It means more meetings and more $$ in legislators’ pockets.

Issue 3: State-level Religious Protection

Issue 3 is modeled after the Bill Clinton-era federal RFRA law and would give religious organizations legal claims if they feel state or local government is placing a burden on a person’s religious freedom. 

Common Ground Opposes Issue 2

We oppose Issue 2, which takes power away from the people and gives it to the politicians.

Why is Issue 2 bad for Arkansas?

  • Issue 2 would force the people of Arkansas to get 60% of the vote to make or change laws, but it allows politicians to make or change laws with just 50% of the vote.
    • Right now, without Issue 2, the playing field is even – both the people and the politicians need 50% of the vote. Issue 2 would change that.

    • Issue 2 takes power away from the people, creating an imbalance that benefits politicians. Politicians are trying to tip the scales even more in their favor at the expense of the rights given to Arkansans under our Constitution. 

    Quick Facts

    When can I vote on it?

    Issue 2 will be on the ballot in the November 8 general election in Arkansas.

    Here’s how it will be labeled on the ballot: Arkansas Issue 2, 60% Supermajority Vote Requirement for Constitutional Amendments and Ballot Initiatives Measure

    How did Issue 2 get on the ballot?

    If you guessed that the politicians put it there, you’d be right. The Arkansas Legislature, the chief beneficiary of Issue 2, voted last year to refer it to the ballot. 

    Why is this important?

    Historically, the people of Arkansas have used their vote to do things that the people wanted but that politicians lacked the political will to do. A good example of this was term limits for politicians, the minimum wage increase, and voter ID laws.

    Arkansas’ motto is: The People Rule.

    Issue 2 is in direct opposition to that motto. 

    What can I do to fight Issue 2?

    The language of Issue 2 as it will appear on the ballot will likely be confusing to a lot of folks. It’s important that people understand what Issue 2 does before they go to the polls on November 8.

    Tell your friends and family that Issue 2 takes power away from the people and gives it to the politicians. Ask them to help us protect our Arkansas Constitution and say no to Issue 2. 

    What is Common Ground's position on Issue 2 and why?

    Common Ground Arkansas is opposed to Issue 2 because we believe it’s important to protect the power of the People of Arkansas and their Constitutional rights. We think power is best held by people, not politicians.

    Here are our core tenets:


    • The people of Arkansas deserve hard work and good ideas from their leaders.
    • We need leaders who protect taxpayer dollars and don’t use their office for personal profit.
    • Leaders must be held accountable for solving real problems faced by Arkansans.
    • Government should be small and regulation limited.
    • The people of Arkansas, not politicians and special interest groups, should rule.
    • Our leaders should govern with integrity and decency.
    • Arkansans deserve an environment that creates good jobs and a high quality of life.


    These are some of our core tenets. But the main goal of Common Ground Arkansas is common sense government that works for and reflects the people who live here. That starts with you taking back your power. Vote. Pay attention. Know that YOU matter. 

    Is Common Ground taking a position on other ballot issues?

    No, but we want to provide Arkansans with straight down the middle information on all the issues so they can make their own decisions. We feel strongly that Issue 2 is harmful enough to Arkansans that it warrants that additional step of taking a position.

    We want to come to your event or talk to your group!

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