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Establishes path to restoration of the right to possess a firearm


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Flowers (Vivian)


Filed: 1/9/2023 1:52:14 PM

Original Title

To establish a path to restoration of the right to possess a firearm; and to provide for the discharge, dismissal, and sealing of a felony conviction.


What it does

Currently, anyone who has been convicted of a felony OR judged to be mentally ill by a court OR involuntarily committed to a mental institution is not allowed to possess or own a firearm. That right is restored to those convicted of felonies if they are granted a pardon. This bill would also allow a restoration of that right if the felony conviction is discharged, dismissed, and sealed. It would apply if the person has paid their fines and other costs, served their sentence along with any parole or other court-mandated requirements, and has had their felony conviction sealed by a court. It would exclude people who have been convicted of certain types of offenses like homicide, kidnapping, robbery, sexual offenses and many others. The bill also sets out procedure for discharging, dismissing, and sealing felony convictions.

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