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Funding the Department of Finance and Administration


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Filed: 1/9/2023 2:14:12 PM

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An Act for the Department of Finance and Administration appropriation for the 2023-2024 fiscal year.


What it does

The bill funds the Department of Finance and Administration: $25.8 million for operations and shared services, $121.5 million for revenue services, and $4.8 for commercial drivers license program. It appropriates $31.7 in federal funds and a $359,000 state match for victims for crimes. It appropriates $4.8 million in federal funds and a $1 million state match for improvements to the state's criminal justice system. It funds $39.5 million for IT. Programs include $100,000 for domestic violence shelter grants, $407,000 for Project Safety Neighborhoods, $300,000 for a family violence prevention grant, and $500,00 for the children's advocacy center grants. It funds the Opioid Abuse Program at $7.8 million and Child Abuse and Neglect programs at $5.2 million. The Developmental Disabilities Planning Council is funded at $1.9 million in federal funds and $37,000 in state funds. It appropriates $780 million for individual income tax refunds, $200 million for corporate income tax refunds, $11.5 million gasoline and interstate motor fuel tax refunds, and $260 million for other miscellneous tax refunds. $4 million is allocated operating for special license plate program.

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