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Funding the Department of Finance and Administration-Disbursing Officer


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Filed: 1/9/2023 4:33:25 PM

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An Act for the Department of Finance and Administration-Disbursing Officer appropriation for the 2023-2024 fiscal year.


What it does

The bill funds the DFA Disbursing Officer with the following: $1.6 million for various confernces, associations, and memberships; $99.5 million for miscellaneous transfers like extra help, personal stipends, etc; $1.1 milion for grants including the Museum of Discovery, public defenders, planning and development; $68.4 million to Firemen's and Officer's Pension and Relif Fund. It also appropriates $2.1 billion in fdederal funds for workforce investment programs and miscellaneous federal grants and $16.2 milion fo disaster relief grants. It allocates $8 million for unemployment compensation claims, $4.5 for spend money from property sold through the Department of Transformation, $363,000 for child abuse/rape/domestic violence services at UAMS, $274,000 to review the process of child abuse complaints, $1 million for the Information Network of Arkansas, $44.3 million for the Administration of Justice Fund, $600,000 for grants to the Arkansas Sheriff's Association, $2 million for drug enforcement and treatment, $2 million for grants to assist with medical expenses incurred by families of children with catastrophic illnesses or injuries (Baby Sharon Act grants); $200,000 for donor education grants, $20 million for payments to fire departments, $35 million to support vo tech and technical colleges, $400,000 for juvenile detention facilities, $15 million for new vehicles, $3.5 for Children's Hospital, $315 for various expenses and appopriations, $855,000 for legal aid services, $198,000 for prostate cancer grants, $5.5 million for drug crime enforcement and prosecution grants, $5 million for medical marijuana regulation, $350 million for various temporary appropriations, $1 million for agriculture marketing grants, $10 million federal CARES funds, $5.2 billion in American Rescue Plan Act funds, and $550 million in funds from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

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