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Filed: 1/9/2023 1:38:42 PM

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An Act for the Department of Commerce-State Insurance Department appropriation for the 2023-2024 fiscal year.


What it does

This bill funds the State Insurance Department at $15.2 million for operations, $598,000 for funeral services, $1.5 million for fraud investigation, 933,000 for prepaid funeral benefits division and recovery, $11 million in overpayment refunds, $1.2 million in health information counseling, $1.2 million for public employee claims, $16.5 million in state employee claims, $400,00 for publich school employee claims, $200,000 for county employee claims, $400,000 for city employee claims, $3 million for the Governmental Bonding Board, and $40 million for claims by the Arkansas Multi-Agency Insurance Trust Fund. It also appropriates $20 million for the Public School Insurance Program, $3.2 million for the Arkansas Healthcare Transparency Initiative Database, $250,000 for firefighter cancer relief, $1.2 million for Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act, and $500,000 for market stabilization grant.

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Senate -- Read first time, rules suspended, read second time, referred to JOINT BUDGET COMMITTEE


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