Common Ground Arkansas supports leaders who put good ideas and the good of Arkansans ahead of partisanship.


Welcome to the Movement

We’re glad you’re here.

A divisive two-party system is holding Arkansas back.
Here’s how Common Ground Arkansas can help.

Support problem solving candidates loyal to Arkansans

Work toward Arkansas-first legislation that addresses the problems we face

Protect Arkansas voter power and increase voter choice at the ballot box

The Latest

Media: Hallie Jackson, MSNBC

Sen. Jim Hendren spoke with Hallie Jackson from MSNBC about his decision to leave the Republican Party and noted his confidence that Common Ground Arkansas will provide a home to the "politically homeless" who don't currently feel they're represented by a political...

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Media: Poppy Harlow, CNN’s OutFront

Sen. Jim Hendren spoke with Poppy Harlow on CNN's OutFront about the state of today's politics and how Common Ground Arkansas will work to offer solutions here at home. He previously announced his decision to serve Arkansas as an Independent, along with the formation...

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Media: Andrew Epperson, KNWA

Sen. Jim Hendren spoke with Andrew Epperson from KNWA about how Common Ground Arkansas will work toward good governance and a return to decency in our political discourse. He announced his decision to serve Arkansas as an Independent, along with the formation of...

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How You Can Help

Arkansas is one of the most beautiful states in the land, and it's filled with hardworking and generous people. But let's face it. What's happening in our Capitol doesn't reflect the values of most Arkansans. It will take work, but we can change that. Will you help...

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Building Common Ground in Arkansas

Welcome to Common Ground Arkansas, a non-partisan organization aimed at providing pathways to better governance in our state. The organization will support candidates who put Arkansans first, regardless of whether those candidates run as Independents, Democrats, or...

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