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A divisive two-party system is holding Arkansas back.
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The Latest

Dec. 8: Senate State Agencies

Senate State Agencies December 8, 2021 Rapert [00:00:00] Maybe I should have asked Senator Sample if there's anybody-- if your-- are your folks here that you was talking about? I probably should have waited a minute. Okay. All right. Senator, if you're ready, we'll be...

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Dec. 8: Senate Revenue and Tax

Senate Revenue and Tax December 8, 2021   Sample [00:00:00] Members, members, let's start taking our seats. All right, guys, we're going to roll. I call this meeting of the Senate Revenue and Tax Committee together. Do we have a House member here to present-- oh,...

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Dec. 8: House Floor transcript

December 8, 2021 House of Representatives   Formalities and Resolutions   Shepherd [00:00:24]  I invite the members, staff, press and guests in the galleries to stand and be led in prayer by the House chaplain, Dr. Rex Horne, retired Pastor Emmanuel Baptist...

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