Vote For Arkansas

Too many of us are sitting on the sidelines and letting others decide what happens here in Arkansas and in our great country.

Did you know that in the last mid-term general election (2018), just 4 out of every 10 eligible voters showed up to vote? Just 41% of eligible Arkansans chose our Congressional leaders, our governor, our state legislators. The only state that had a lower percentage was Hawaii.

Don’t let someone else decide your future. Voting is patriotic. We’re counting on you.


of eligible Arkansans voted in the last midterm election

important races and decisions are on the ballot, but

Arkansas was next to last in eligible voter turnout in the last midterm.

Arkansas deserves more than 40%. Vote for Arkansas on November 8.

I’m in. Now what?

Not Registered?

That’s okay! You have until October 11 to register to vote in the November general election.

I'm registered, but I've moved

No problem. It’s easy to update your voter registration if you’re moving around Arkansas.

Can't remember?

Don’t remember if or where you’re registered? You can check it at the link below.

One last step…



Early voting starts October 24. Election Day is November 8.








Looking for Early Voting locations? Use our handy map.