Welcome to Common Ground Arkansas, a non-partisan organization aimed at providing pathways to better governance in our state. The organization will support candidates who put Arkansans first, regardless of whether those candidates run as Independents, Democrats, or Republicans. It will foster collaboration between leaders from all parties and prioritize legislation that positively impacts residents and businesses right here at home.

Common Ground Arkansas is founded by Sen. Jim Hendren, who announced on Feb. 18 that he is leaving the Republican Party and will continue his commitment to the State of Arkansas as an Independent. Sen. Hendren’s career in public service has spanned more than two decades in the military and more than 15 years in the Arkansas legislature. He continues to represent portions of Benton and Washington counties in the Arkansas Senate.

Hear in his own words below how Sen. Hendren came to the difficult decision to work outside of either party for the good of Arkansas.

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