Sen. Jim Hendren spoke with Andrew Epperson from KNWA about how Common Ground Arkansas will work toward good governance and a return to decency in our political discourse. He announced his decision to serve Arkansas as an Independent, along with the formation of Common Ground Arkansas, on Feb. 18.

“For me it was time to make a change and free myself of both parties so that we can try to work across the aisle and try to encourage people to work together.”

“I didn’t make this decision because I wanted to find the easiest path to electoral success. That’s the problem with politics today. We continue to take the easy path, the path of least resistance. I did this because I think it’s right for me, and I think it’s what our state needs.”

What does this mean for Common Ground Arkansas?

“We are going to be working with candidates and legislators from both parties. We’re going to try to find legislators who are interested in solving problems, working across the aisle, rather than name calling and going to opposite corners.”

And finally, Sen. Hendren offered a message of hope for those who are discouraged at the state of our politics today.

“I love Arkansas. I am proud to be from Arkansas. I’ve lived in a dozen different states in the military, and I wanted to come back to Arkansas. And one of the things I want to tell people is there is hope… I think we’re going to see some changes.”

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