House Public Health Committee

September 30, 2021


Ladyman [00:00:02] OK. The chair sees a quorum. Members, all we have on the agenda for today is HB 1973. Representative Bryant, you’re recognized to present 1973. 


Bryant [00:00:20] Thank you, Mr. Chair. And thank you, members of the committee. I appreciate everybody getting up early this morning and making it out here. As you know, things in, in this business kind of change as the, as the wind changes. So I’m going to be pulling House Bill 1973 down. I believe it’s,it’s got some conflict. And we made really great progress yesterday with 1972 and the– between the House and Senate. So those two bills are in conflict with each other. So until we see what 1972 does, I’m going to request we pull 1973 down. 


Ladyman [00:00:55] All right. Thank you, representative. Seeing no further business, we are adjourned.