Joint Budget Rules Subcommittee

Feb. 22, 2022


L Johnson I just want to remind everybody, anybody that wishes to comment on a rule, go ahead and sign it now. Be sure to specify which rule you wish to comment on and we’ll be taking up the sign up sheet momentarily. First, first rule we’re going to be hearing, let’s see, is the administrative transfer for the Department of Corrections. So Secretary Graves, are you here, someone with you? If you can, just state your name for the committee. 


Graves Good morning, co-chairs and members of the subcommittee. Solomon Graves, Secretary of Corrections.


L Johnson And you’re recognized to present the rule. Thank you, sir. 


Graves I’m here this– I am here this afternoon to present to you a draft rule governing the administrative transfer of offenders between the Division of Correction to the Division of Community Correction. During the 2021 session, we were able to work with the Legislature to pass what became Act 55, which allows us to by rule screen eligible offenders who are sentenced through the Division of Correction, but met criteria for placement in the Division of Community Correction. Based on numbers we ran last year– last week, I’m sorry– we have 307 offenders on our backup list bound for the Division of Correction that are eligible to be screened for the Division of Community Correction. As many of you have heard me say before, addressing our capacity issues is, is going to take a multifaceted approach. And this is one of the ways long, long term we will be able to right size our population and get individuals who are eligible for community correction placement into those beds that they are intended to go to. With that, Representative Johnson, I’ll be happy to answer any questions from the subcommittee. 


L Johnson Does anyone have any questions for Secretary Graves? Is anyone signed up to speak for or against the bill– or the rule? I see no questions. Without objection, the rule is considered reviewed and approved. Thank you. Appreciate your time. Do we have someone here with DFA and the ABC board to come and present the next two rules? 


Chandler Doralee Chandler, director of the Alcoholic Beverage Control. The first rule that we’re here to present is for Rule 1.33. This is removing the prohibition of the sale of alcohol– alcoholic beverages, the sale of specifically beer or small farm wine through a drive thru window for these convenience stores. 


L Johnson Does any members of the committee have any questions? Is anyone signed up to speak for  or against the rule? OK, without objection, the rule is considered reviewed and approved. You’re recognized to present the next rule. 


Chandler The next rule is Rule 3.13.1. This actually sets forth to the allowance of allowing those alcoholic beverages to be sold out the window. We had two separate rules in our books on this, and so this will actually allow the, the sale to proceed. 


L Johnson Does anyone have any questions? Anyone signed up to speak for or against this rule? OK, without objection, this rule is considered reviewed and approved. Seeing no other business, we’re adjourned.