2022 Primary Election Results

One of our goals at Common Ground Arkansas is to keep citizens informed. What you’ll find here:

A live list of election results from the Arkansas Secretary of State’s Office

Updates on primary races that are particularly impactful in the Arkansas State Legislature


We won’t rehash at the races seen above, but here are some races worth noting – given vote results available at midnight:


  • Senator John Boozman wins without a runoff.
  • In a surprise in Congressional District 2, Conrad Reynolds got 41% of the vote vs. incumbent French Hill.

State Constitutional 

  • Leslie Rutledge is likely to win the Lt. Gov. nomination without a runoff. Jason Rapert is a distant second.
  • Secretary of State John Thurston will win the nomination with 72% of the vote.
  • Mark Lowery looks to be the nominee for Treasurer with 74% of the vote.

State Legislature (Republican Primary)

Knockoffs (newcomer vs. incumbent)

  • Steve Crowell over Charles Beckham in District 2.
  • Matt McKee is close to defeating incumbent Bill Sample in District 6.

Incumbents win

  • Blake Johnson will will in District 21.
  • It’s very close, but it’s likely Mark Johnson will win in District 17.
  • Breanne Davis defeated a challenger (at 62%).
  • Gary Stubblefield will win (at 68%).


  • Matt Stone beat two opponents with 66% of the vote in District 2.
  • Rep. Justin Boyd won Senate District 27 seat nomination (at 70% of the vote).
  • Jim Petty wins (at 71%).
  • Rep. Clint Penzo won Senate District 31 nomination (at 61%).
  • Rep.¬† Joshua Bryant won Senate District 32 (at 67 %).
  • Rep. Jim Dotson won Senate District 34 nomination (at 66%).


  • Senate District 22: Incumbent James Sturch vs. Rep. John Payton
  • Senate District 28: Incumbent Bob Ballinger vs. Bryan King
  • Senate District 35: Tyler Dees vs. Gayla Hendren McKenzie
  • House District 12: Hope Hendren Duke vs. Jay Oliphant
  • House District 13: Denise Bugos vs. Scott Richardson