House Revenue and Tax committee

August 10, 2022


Fortner We’re starting. Representative Jett, are you ready to present your bill? 


Jett Yes, sir, Mr. Chairman. Thank you. Members, this bill is Senate Bill 1 come down from the Senate today, passed off Senate floor this morning. It is the bill that was ran in the Senate Revenue and Tax yesterday, Senator Dismang’s bill. This is a companion bill to House Bill 002, exact same language, exact same everything that we had yesterday. With that, Mr. Chairman, I’d be open to any questions. 


Fortner Members, are there any questions for Representative Jett? Seeing none, is there any members of the public wishes to speak? Seeing none, Representative Jett, are you ready to close? 


Jett I’m closed, Mr. Chairman. I’ll make a motion do pass. 


Fortner Committee, we have a motion do pass. All in favor, aye. All opposed? Congratulations. Your bill is passed and we are adjourned. 


Jett Thank you, Mr. Chairman