Benton County Early Vote Tracker

Source: Benton County Election Commission

Typical update time: After 7 p.m. for same day


2022 Total votes cast

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Total votes cast Nov. 7

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Who’s voting?

Stuff to know:

1st Tab: City (registered) – Voters who live inside that city. Null means that voter does not live in any city limits.

2nd Tab: City (mailing) – City listed on voter’s mailing address.

3rd Tab: Party (registered) РO=Optional (neither party); R = Republican; D = Democrat; L = Libertarian; G = Green  

4th Tab: Party (inferred) – This comes from a 3rd party that specialized in voter modeling. R inferred = Likely Republican; R = Republican; D inferred = Likely Democrat; D = Democrat; U = Unknown; L = Liberiarian; G = Green.

7th Tab: Ideology (inferred) – This also comes from 3rd party modeling. C = Conservative; L = Liberal; M = Moderate; Null = No inference available.

Raw data with locations