Governor’s Emergency Review Committee

December 1, 2022


Sen Rice: Good morning. I’ll call the meeting of the Governor’s Emergency Fund Review Committee together. Not a committee that meets very often. Appreciate you being here. We’ve got Representative Dotson called in and Representative Wardlaw. This morning we’re going to have presentation by Mr. Robert Brech and– is Mr. McVey here or is he–? Mr. McVey. Okay. Y’all come up. Hit your microphone, if you will. And state for the record who you are, who you’re with, and you’re recognized to present.


Brech (DFA): Robert Brech of Budget Office.


McVey (DFA): Alan McVey. Chief of staff, DFA.


Brech (DFA): What you have before you for consideration today is something that was done also eight years ago. Senator Rice was the only member present at that time as a House member. But what this will do is we will provide $50,000 to the governor-elect for her transition expenses. It’s something that’s been done in the past. I don’t know of any opposition to it, and I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.


Sen Rice: Any questions from committee? My understanding, the amount has not been changed?


Brech (DFA): This is the same amount that it was eight years ago. That’s correct.


Sen Rice: Go ahead. If you hit your microphone. Senator Stubblefield.


Sen Stubblefield: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Robert, this will leave $450,000 in that account?


Brech (DFA): That’s correct.


Sen Stubblefield: Okay. All right.


Sen Rice: Okay. Any other questions? I got a motion for Senator Stubblefield. Senator Chesterfield sits here a lot in this room on policy making committee, I guess is what I was thinking. Senator Stubblefield, what is your motion?


Sen Stubblefield: I motion we approve this request.


Sen Rice: Have motion to approve. Do I have a second? All in favor, aye. Got Representative Dotson also noted aye. Seeing no other business, we are adjourned. Thank you, gentlemen, for being here.