Joint Public Health

November 30, 2022

Sen Bledsoe: Representative Boyd is going to present this ISP instead of Representative Aaron Pilkington. But first, I want to welcome all of you here. And I want to adopt the November 7 meeting minutes. Do I have a motion? I have a motion. Do I have a second? All those in favor say aye.


Audience: Aye.


Sen Bledsoe: All those opposed? All right, motion passes. Now, Mr. Boyd, if you are ready, we’re ready for you to explain Aaron’s proposal.


Rep Gonzales: Well, I’m not Senator Boyd, but since I’m down here, I’ll go ahead–


Sen Bledsoe: Oh, I’m sorry. Sorry, sorry.


Rep Gonzales: I’ll go ahead and do this anyway.


Sen Bledsoe: All right. Well, I designated Representative Boyd, so it’s okay for you to do it, then.


Rep Gonzales: All right. Thank you very much. So Representative Pilkington couldn’t be here today to do this ISP. He’s up in Northwest Arkansas accepting an award from the Millennial Action Project. I think he’s being recognized as legislator of the year or something like that with them or rising star legislator or something. So he asked if I could present this ISP for him so he would have an opportunity to run a bill this coming session. So this is just a compact licensure bill for occupational therapists. I’ll take any questions on it. If there are no questions, I make a motion to adopt the ISP.


Sen Bledsoe: Any questions? Seeing no questions, we have a motion on the floor. Do I have a second? Second. All those in favor say aye.


Audience: Aye.


Sen Bledsoe: All those opposed? Congratulations.


Rep Gonzales: Thank you very much.


Sen Bledsoe: The motion has passed. All right, ladies and gentlemen, is there any old business to come before the committee? Seeing none– yes, Senator Hammer, you’re recognized.


Sen Hammer: Thank you, madam chair, may I have a point of personal privilege, please?


Sen Bledsoe: Yes.


Sen Hammer: Just on behalf of myself, and I’m going to hopefully express it on behalf of everybody on this committee, I think you’ve done an outstanding job as chair of Public Health over the last two years. Unless I miss it, this may be one of our last meetings, and I didn’t want it to be the last meeting and you not be recognized for the outstanding job you’ve done as chair, as well as your co-chair also, and appreciate very much your leadership while in the chair position of Public Health. Thank you.


Sen Bledsoe: Thank you very much. I so appreciate that. All right. Thanks to Representative Gonzalez for presenting that. And if there is no old business, the meeting is adjourned.