Senate State Agencies

Jan. 12, 2023

Sen B Johnson: Welcome, everyone. Senate State Agencies will come to order. I want members to recognize themselves and welcome to this committee.


Sen Crowell: Senator Steve Crowell, District 3.


Sen Payton: Senator John Payton, District 22.


Sen Dotson: Senator Jim Dotson, Senate District 34.


Sen Hester: Senator Bart Hester, District 33.


Sen Flowers: Senator Stephanie Flowers, District 8.


Sen King: Senator Bryan King, District 28.


Sen B Johnson: And I am Senator Blake Johnson, District 21, and Senator Clarke Tucker is my vice chair. He will probably be here in a little while. I want to introduce the staff for State Agencies as Carly Cooper is our analyst and April Solmon is our committee assistant. And Michelle Davenport is our committee attorney. She’s not here. Senator Tucker, you are welcome to introduce yourself and have any comments.


Sen Tucker: Thank you, Mr. Chair, and apologies for my tardiness. Senator Clarke Tucker from Little Rock, District 14, which we’re all in right now. So welcome to District 14 and look forward to working with all of you over the course of this session.


Sen B Johnson: Members, you have the rules in your packet. Are there any question of the rules?


Sen Dotson: Motion to adopt.


Sen B Johnson: Motion to adopt. And I second that. All in favor, say, aye. All opposed, like sign. Thank you, members. Leave your folders in the room. Our normal meetings will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We’ll meet on Tuesdays at 10 o’clock and on Thursdays at 9 until our schedule changes. So that’ll be our normal meeting times. I want to recognize everyone in the room starting over here with Stanley. Just as it goes around, just introduce yourselves if you’re going to be a regular attendee.

[introductions – inaudible]


Sen B Johnson: Well, we welcome all y’all. And I know we’ll be seeing you most of the time and we appreciate your attendance today. I think we have one bill that’s on the House floor today, and we had one referred. We will not handle that business today. And is there any other business members would like to come today?


Sen Hester: I just have a question.


Sen B Johnson: Yes.


Sen Hester: So the young lady in the back that’s with the governor’s office, are you the, are you the liaison? And what was your name again? Gabrielle. Okay. Thank you.


Sen B Johnson: All right. Is there any other business? Seeing none, we are adjourned.