Joint Budget

Jan. 10, 2023 

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Sen Dismang: All right members, with that, Chair sees a quorum. We’re going to go ahead and get started. The first thing that we’re going to do is seat selection. And so the way that works if you’ve not been here before, Kevin’s going to call out your name based on seniority and you’ll pick your seat from there. If you’re not here, there’s someone that will be assigned to pick your seat for you as we go through the roll. And with that, we’ll go ahead and get started. And again, if you’re in somebody else’s seat, be courteous and just hop on up. Thank you.


BLR Staff: Yes, sir. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. So I have Senator Chesterfield at seat number 24. Mr. Speaker, seat number you would like.


Rep Shepherd: 74.


BLR Staff: 74. Senator Flowers?


Sen Flowers: 80.


BLR Staff: 80. Representative Wardlaw?


Rep Jean: He was here. He’s here.


BLR Staff: Okay.  67.


BLR Staff: 67. Senator Irvin?


Sen Irvin: Hold on. 52.


BLR Staff: 52. Representative Eubanks? 71.


BLR Staff: Senator Caldwell? 83.


BLR Staff: 83. Representative McGee?


Rep McGee: 75.


BLR Staff: 75. Senator English?


Sen English: 51.


BLR Staff: 51. Representative Womack? I don’t see him. Do you want to put him over there? 48. Senator Stubblefield.


Rep Jean: He normally picks over there. On that side of the floor.


BLR Staff: On the other side of Terry?


Rep Jean: Put him in 93.


BLR Staff: 93. Senator Stubblefield, Representative Holcomb. Was that a 7?


Rep Holcomb: 70. Seven zero.


BLR Staff: Seven zero, yes, sir. Thank you. Senator Hickey.


Sen Hickey: 82.


BLR Staff: 82. Representative Eaves.


Rep eaves: 73.


BLR Staff: 73. Senator Hester?


Sen Hester: 50.


BLR Staff: 50. Representative Tosh.


Rep Tosh: 63.


BLR Staff: 63. Senator Flippo?


Sen Flippo: 91.


BLR Staff: 91. Representative Flowers?


Rep Flowers: 44.


BLR Staff: 44. Senator Rice.


Sen Rice: 92.


BLR Staff: 92. Representative Richmond,


Rep Richmond: 62.


BLR Staff: 62. Senator Johnson, Blake?


Sen B Johnson: 86.


BLR Staff: Blake Johnson, 86.


BLR Staff: Representative Cavanaugh is 68. Senator Wallace?


Sen Wallace: 80.


BLR Staff: Eight zero.


BLR Staff: 85. Representative Gazaway?


Rep Gazaway: 72.


BLR Staff: 72. Senator Davis?


Sen Davis: 90.


BLR Staff: Nine zero. 90. Representative Lynch?


Rep Lynch: 66.


BLR Staff: 66. Senator Hill is 84. Representative Wooten?


Rep Wooten: 19.


BLR Staff: 19. Senator Mark Johnson.


Sen M Johnson: 53.


BLR Staff: 53. Representative Perry?


Rep Perry: 45.


BLR Staff: 45. Senator Leding?


Sen Leding: 49.


BLR Staff: 49. Representative Scott?


Rep Scott: I want 23 if you don’t [inaudible].


BLR Staff: 23, Senator Hammer.


BLR Staff: 61. Hammer?  Okay, 60 for Hammer? Senator Hammer. Representative Garner.


Rep Garner: 47.


BLR Staff: 47. Senator Sullivan.


Sen Sullivan: 87.


BLR Staff: 87. Representative Johnson?


Rep Johnson: 43.


BLR Staff: 43. Senator Tucker.


Sen Tucker: 81.


BLR Staff: 81. Representative Clowney.


Rep Clowney: 41.


BLR Staff: 41. Senator Gilmore.


Sen Gilmore: 89.


BLR Staff: 89, Representative Richardson.


Rep Richardson: 22.


BLR Staff: 22, Senator King.


Sen King: 88.


BLR Staff: 88. Representative Collins.


Rep Collins: 42.


BLR Staff: 42, Senator Murdock.


Sen Murdock: 25.


BLR Staff: 25. Representative Evans.


Rep Evans: 69.


BLR Staff: 69, Senator Penzo.


Sen Penzo: 59.


BLR Staff: 59. Representative McElroy, sorry.


Rep McElroy: 65.


BLR Staff: 65. Senator Boyd.


Sen Boyd: 55.


BLR Staff: 55. Representative Milligan.


Rep Milligan: 64.


BLR Staff: 64. Senator Petty.


Sen Petty: 58.


BLR Staff: 58?


Sen Petty: 54.


BLR Staff: What’d you say?  Petty.


Sen Petty: 54.


BLR Staff: 54. Senator Petty? Representative Hawk?


Rep Hawk: 38.


BLR Staff: 38. Senator Crowell.


Sen Crowell: 83.


BLR Staff: 83. Representative Rose.


Rep Rose: 58.


BLR Staff: 58. And Representative Shepherd, Tara Shepherd.


Rep Shepherd: 26.Mr. Chairman, that’s all of them.


Committee rules

Sen Dismang: Is everybody good with where their seat selection is? We got a few open on the board if you wanted to move around. All right. Members, we’ve got– now we’re up to the rules. Those are in front of you. I hope each of you have taken the time to review the rules. There’s no major changes with the exception of the addition– hey, let’s take our seats. You got them. You were assigned them. Let’s take them. All right. Thank you. Members, again, we’re at the point now where we’re going to consider rules. Hopefully, you guys have had a chance to review those. The major change would be the addition of the EBD Committee. One thing I want to just keep in mind or make sure you’re aware of, there are no dinners or whatever it can be for members of committees or the subcommittees of Joint Budget. So if you’re asked, those are not allowed by the committee rules here. So Special Language, Peer, et cetera, you are not allowed to go have dinners that are paid for. Okay? With that, do we have any questions on the rules? I’m not sure if I’m up enough to. So the board is not up. So does anybody have questions? If you have questions, please raise your hand and we’ll figure out how to get to you.


Rep Jean: Got the light on over there. I don’t know if it’s Wallace.


Sen Dismang: Senator Wallace, do you have your light on for a question? No.


Sen Wallace: I apologize.


Sen Dismang: All right. All right, so I think we are good. No questions. Any comments, seeing none. I need a motion to adopt. I’ve got a motion to adopt. I’ve got a second. All those in favor, signify by saying aye. All those opposed, motion carries. Next up, we have item D.


HB 1051

BLR Staff: Mr. Chairman. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. So Item D in your packet, this is House Bill 1051 by the Joint Budget committee. This is what is referred to as the general appropriation bill. It pays for judges expenses, House and Senate interim expenses, including the biennial institute expenses. Per the Constitution, this bill has to be adopted or enacted before any other appropriation bills.


Sen Dismang: Thank you. Members, do you have any questions on Item D, House Bill 1051? All right, seeing none, any comments? Seeing none, I need motion to– all right, we’ve got a motion do pass. We’ve got a second. All those in favor, signify by saying aye. All those opposed? Motion carries, Governor’s letter, Item E.


BLR Staff: Mr. Chairman.


Sen Dismang: Yes, sir.


Governor’s liaisons funding

BLR Staff: Okay, thank you. Governor’s Letter Number 1, Item E. This is a request for a Supplemental Bill to be drafted. It supplies the Governor’s Office with 10 legislative liaisons and $226,250 payable out of Constitutional Officers Fund. If this committee adopts this letter, your staff will draft this bill and it will be sent to this committee for this committee to consider. Mr. Chairman, that’s all I have.


Sen Dismang: Thank you members. Do you have any questions on the Governor’s Letter Number 1. Any comments? Seeing none, I’ve got a motion to adopt. I’ve got a second. All those in favor signify by saying aye. All those opposed? Motion carries. Members, as far as other business, we will not be coming back in until Tuesday morning at 9 o’clock. And then in the meantime, you’ll have your committee selections and that sort of thing given to you by leadership. With that, seeing no other business, we are adjourned. Thank you for your time this morning.