Common Ground Arkansas supports leaders who put good ideas and the good of Arkansans ahead of partisanship.


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A divisive two-party system is holding Arkansas back.
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The Latest

Dec. 17: ALC transcript

Arkansas Legislative Council Dec. 17, 2021   Rice [00:02:08] Members, if you will, move to your seats and we will get started. Okay, members, if you'll get seated and finish your conversations, we will get started. It's 9 o'clock. While you are quieting down, let...

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Podcast: A very special primary

  Misty [00:00:06] Hey, everybody. Welcome to our Common Ground podcast. It's been a while since we've done one of these, but we're glad to be back. I'm Misty Orpin, our executive director.    Jim [00:00:14] And I'm Jim Hendren, the chairman of the board of...

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Dec. 9: Senate Floor transcript

Senate December 9, 2021   [Roll call Prayer Pledge of Allegiance] Griffin: Sen. Dismang   House Bill 1002 Cornwell: [Reads House Bill 1002] Griffin: Sen. Dismang. Dismang: Members, this is a bill for the transfer related to the project-- or the steel...

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