Update Voter Registration

Have you moved? Had a name change? Be sure to update your voter registration.

Choose your scenario

I've moved, but I still live in the same county.

Easy peasy. Just make sure your ID has your new address on it, and you can update your registration at the polling place when you go vote. Though it never hurts to update at your county clerk, your local library, or the DMV beforehand.

I moved to a new county.

If you are already registered in one county in Arkansas and moved to a new one, you need to update your registration at least four days before election day. That would be Nov. 3 this year. You should probably do it at your local county clerk’s office to ensure the change is registered in time.

After You’ve registered

Follow up with your county clerk to ensure your registration has been processed. You should receive a voter card in the mail with your precinct and other details. You can also check your voter status on Voter View.

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